I was expecting BIG things out of this trailer. I’ve been a huge fan of JURASSIC PARK ever since I read the Michael CRICHTON book – before the original’s production & release. I loved that book, and I loved that movie.

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I even loved the LOST WORLD. I actually liked the twist ending. PART 3 was a turd. It did not click with me at all. When I heard another was coming I was hesitant. Upon learning the STARLORD himself CHRIS PRATT was the lead, I got excited.

This kind of 1Ups the watch from a parked jeep Point-Of-View from the original movie

With the trailer for the new JURASSIC WORLD, I wanted that same sense of wonder from the original film. I wanted JOHN WILLIAMS’ bombastic main theme. I wanted brilliantly SPIELBERG-ian staged action sequences. Or some hints of this, since this is an early trailer. I have to say by the time this sneak preview ended, I was underwhelmed.

Welcome. To. Jurassic. WORLD.

I was missing that sense of wonder. I’m hoping they saved these awe-inspired moments for the actual film then. I was also expecting a laugh or two from Pratt. Not yet. The best sequence was the shark feeding Jurassic SeaWorld, when that aquatic dinosaur erupts. Wow. That was cool.

Chris Pratt stars as a dino wrangler in JURASSIC WORLD. He also played STARLORD in GUARDIANS OF GALAXY. Is he destined for stardom?

I liked a couple of the homages too, like the main gate, the low angle Brontosaurus shot, ominous shadows reaching across a child’s face, the sprinting Gallimimuses (sp?), and the muted Williams secondary score on piano.

I like the concept of genetically modifying DNA to create brand-new hybrid dinosaurs. Dr. Ian Malcolm’s CHAOS THEORY would have a field day with this. What can go wrong, will go wrong. I hope so, for the sake of adventure.

The best line of the trailer comes nice & early. Mom tells her son, “If something chases you… Run.” It looks like we will focus on this little boy for part of the movie. If I remember right, that is the actor from IRON MAN 3. If so, he was really impressive there. He was actually funny, and had good chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. Let’s hope it’s not like the annoying kid from LOST WORLD. Let’s hope it’s dialled back and it’s more playful like the children in the original PARK.

While this trailer didn’t highlight really big moments of wonderment,  it had an awful lot of intense action. The whole atmosphere seems to have shifted to fear and scares. While the original felt like an adventure with some truly frightening sequences, WORLD  feels more like a horror movie. I suppose this trailer could be marketing itself towards teens and big kids at heart. Maybe the next sneak peak will appeal more to the family adventure side of things.

Bryce Dallas Howard

It seems like a whole new Jurassic park. A whole new GIANT park. With that mono-rail type system I’m expecting a Pterodactyl chase or something. Or maybe it will be over water and Loch Ness / Megalodon will bite them? Maybe they’ll crash into the water?

It’s the JURASSIC PARK franchise, so I’ll give the movie the benefit of the doubt. Maybe my expectations were set too high? Maybe “I’m getting’ too old for this sh*t”? The trailer was just a little disappointing. Not a write off, but a let-down. I just wanted more wonder & spectacle, rather than action.


What did you think? Are you excited for this to hit the theatres?

This shot from the original trailer got me so excited! This is how you stage a scene. Thank you, Spielberg.

Was this early glimpse a let-down? Did the trailer seem a little too scare based?

What’s. Up?

Were you expecting Chris Pratt to be funny?

What the visitors see at the park.

So... What'd you think?

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