WE THE NORTH – Raps vs Suns

The Raptors face Phoenix tonight. The Suns have a talented squad of young players like GORAN DRAGIC, GERALD GREEN, PJ TUCKER, and MARKIEFF MORRIS. But the Raps are on a 4-game WIN STREAK and they don’t plan on stopping there.

DeRozan on the DeRive

DeMar DeROZAN has been shooting rather poorly to start the past couple of games. I noticed a lot of unnecessary drive and dishes from him lately. Like he will jump in the air and pass out of the shot. I wonder if he’s trying a little too hard to get assists and become more of a facilitator. For me, I love DeRozan when he posts up and does the Jordan / Kobe turn around. Obviously, I enjoy it when he attacks the basket too. He can dunk with the best of them. Let’s hope tonight he gets back on track.


Kyle LOWRY will have his hands full with the Suns pesky guards. Dragic is like another STEVE NASH. He’ll dribble circles around the opponent until he finds an opportunity to pass. His IQ is high. Lowry will have to contain him and the newly acquired sparkplug, ERIC BLEDSOE. Since Lowry’s a pitbull, I’m sure he’ll find a way to get his.

Markieff from 3

Markieff Morris might be the X-FACTOR tonight. He can space the floor pretty well for a big man, with his 3-point shooting ability. Think of him like the Raps’ own Patrick Patterson. Gerald Green would be the other potential detonator for Phoenix. He’s inconsistent, but has the chance to go off for 30 points any given night. I don’t know if it’s focus or attitude with him? He could become a potentially threatening player for the Suns.

Gerald Green can fly

If the Suns played in the East, last season they would have been one of the better teams. Since they are in the ultra-competitive Western Conference, they didn’t even make the Playoffs despite nearly 50 wins. Crazy stuff there. I believe the Raptors had a comparable record last year, and they led their Division.

Chuck, back in the day… CLICK on BARKLEY to watch a segment of one of his BEST GAMES.

Back in the 90s, I was a huge fan of the Suns. They had players like Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, and MVP Sir CHARLES BARKLEY. It was a great time to watch Phoenix. This was before Toronto had an NBA team. So I rooted for them against the Bulls in my purple and orange Starter jacket. Remember those? STARTER Jackets were everywhere in the 90s.

Remember these retro Starter jackets?

Thankfully, the Raptors came into existence and I had a home team to cheer for. Tonight there is no doubt who I’m cheering for. I’ll always have a soft spot for Phoenix, but now-a-days it’s #WETHENORTH all the way.

JV and his post arsenal has improved after some training with OLAJUWON during the off-season.

I’m thinking the Raptors will get the win tonight. That said, it should be a good battle. Unless young fella ALEX LEN is a dominant blocker tonight, I feel like the Raps can drive hard to the basket with success. Maybe Ross or DeRozan will even go off for 30? Or maybe Toronto will go to JV early and establish an inside presence – before LOU comes in and takes over.



The Raps extended their win streak to 5. The Suns didn’t make it easy. It came down to the wire due to a 3 point barrage from Phoenix and their mosquito point guard (the other) Isiah Thomas. JV had his career best with 27 points and another double double. That’s 2 games in a row where a Raptor set a career high. Let’s hope they can continue THAT tradition next time.

What a great time to be a Raptors fan.  This has to be their best start ever. Let’s go Raps!

DeMar – the assassin


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