And – Resume Cliffhanger… Jorah kidnapped Tyrion last time out on GAME OF THRONES. That’s right, my fellow nerds. Daenerys’ former bodyguard and confidant may have been exiled a while ago, but now he has a chance to repent. This guy’s been Jones-ing for the Mother of Dragons a long time. Now, Tyrion is his wing-man.

I’m not so certain this will end well for Jorah.

By the end of the episode, Tyrion reveals that he knows all about Jorah’s history, including his exile and relation to Daenerys. Tyrion’s best weapon is his wit, combined with training & rumours from Varys and the Imp is mightier than Goliath.

There are quite a few storylines building towards conflict. In depth focus of all would make this article closer to the size of the books by George R.R. Martin.

This review deconstructs some subtext, gets nerdy with some theories, and highlights the best moments.

* the following is intended for a MATURE audience *

Up next… Jaime convinces Bronn to join him on the journey to Dorne on a special rescue mission to save his (step)daughter, Myrcella.

The poor guy just wants to please his sister (lover) despite all the dangers Bronn warns him of – all they do in Dorne is “f**k and fight”. Bron wonders why Jaime doesn´t just enlist an army for this mission. Jaime replies with a half-truth, “I dont want a war.” Perhaps he just wants to avoid detection because of his controversial relationship.

I really enjoy the dialogue of GAME OF THRONES, especially how these deceitful characters never reveal their complex thoughts. Conversations are like Chess Moves in the GAME OF THRONES. Be mindful.

Later on in the episode, Jamie and Bronn arrive on shore. It isn’t long before they are confronted by multiple scouts. Bronn asks, “How many can you take.” Jaime quips, “One?”

It was great to see Jaime in a different light. He was originally set-up as this mighty legendary warrior with a lethal villainous streak where he, you know, sends kids flying out of high windows to get crippled and stuff. He has since been portrayed as an empathetic hero. He has been weakened. But the warrior Jaime still exists. As we saw, this episode.

The fight was pretty awesome. Jaime fights with his left hand, but his steel right hand still came in… um… handy. Seriously though, that was another brutal and exciting fight.

Before the fight there were some stand out conversation bits. My favourite was (perhaps steeped in foreshadowing) when Bron asked Jaime how he wanted to die. The Kingslayer replies, “In the arms of the woman I love.”

Um, he might get his wish. This series is ruthless so I woudn’t it put it passed them. It would actually be somehow poetic if Cersei murdered Jaime just so she could rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei continues to scheme her way to the Throne. She hasn’t given up hope despite Margaery and her new found power over the young King.

Cersei seeks the guidance of the High Septon. I liked it when he observed, The small council grows smaller.” The Queen Mother brilliantly counters, “Not small enough.”

The Septon of the Seven Gods cautions this Lannister, “Wars teach people to obey the sword, not the Gods” – basically saying he doesn’t have influence.

However, as was mentioned above, the speakers of this HBO series rarely express their true intent. Perhaps the High Sparrow has more in common with Keyser Soze than he conveys?

The Septon’s followers have divine symbols carved into their foreheads like some crazy Charlie Manson cult. The Manson Family seems mislead and manipulated by religion. Perhaps the High Sparrow really leads this cult of assassins? 

It’s pretty interesting when you think of his conversation with Cersei and combine that with her relation of the poison wine-bringer. He helped kill her husband (Robert Baratheon), but now he could repent and take her life as well.

The most intense sequence was the market attack in Mareen. A trap slowly brews alongside high tension.

Daenerys’ army is in trouble. The masters have revolted. The golden masked Sons of Harpies wipe out most of the soldiers and Sir Baristter in a surprisingly emotional battle. The violence was brutal, but the warriors were noble.

Either way, these deaths made me worry for Daenerys. If they come for her next, they´ll have Dragons to deal with first.

#WETHENORTH… Sam helps Jon Snow prepare armies for the upcoming war, including the Boltons. Jon is hesitant. Sam reminds him to set aside his personal feelings, since they need numbers.

Melisandre (CARICE VAN HOUTEN) and Stannis Barratheon are still trying to get Snow to take Winterfell. Stannis made his arguments before, offering the Stark name to Jon.

But I think Melisandre’s pitch was a little more… um… tempting. She strips naked in true GAME OF THRONES fashion and tries to seduce him into agreement, saying stuff like “There is great power in you… Don’t resist it. Embrace it.” 

Sounds like Vader and The Emperor.

There were some more delicious highlights as Melisandre continues tempting Snow with power, “The power to make light. The power to create Shadows… The dead don´t need lovers.” Dang, she wants to get preggers with Snow’s Shadow Demon Baby.

The last bit about lovers reminded me of Igritte – like she is suggesting Jon to get over his slain Wildling lover. And the next bit definitely intended to draw those parallels, while also hinting at her supernatural powers as she chillingly says, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

It seems like Melisandre’s role is staged for great importance. I can’t wait to see what it´s all building towards.

Van Houten in BLACK BOOK

Van Houten was amazing in BLACK BOOK (a dark depiction of war – she portrays a Jewish spy infiltrated within the Nazis). I hope she has a chance to demonstrate her dynamic range soon on this HBO series. Melisandre definitely has a lot of power, but I’m hoping she evolves more into a character like Cersei.

GAME OF THRONES definitely has its fair share of well-written strong females. Melissandre is another promising option for further development.

I’ll briefly touch on the remaining storylines with some highlights before the conclusion…

At the Wall… Stannis has a brief, yet touching, moment at the Wall, as he talks with his young daughter about her doll. He fondly remembers how he used to rub it on her cheek.

This scene was surprisingly effective and unexpected from this character.

Meanwhile… Stansa is back in Winterfell. I love that she visited the family tombs. We also learn that Littlefinger is on his way to King’s Landing. Looks like he has a few more moves to make in the GAME OF THRONES.

Also starring on Keep Track of a Million Storylines… Daenerys learned of Rhaegar, the Mad King, whose propaganda may have been more lethal than he was.

This history stuff is always interesting, but this put a new twist on it as the deadly warrior had a heart for philanthropy. This echoes a little of Jamie Lannister’s evolution, but also informs how she will react to her slain army.

The Sons of the Harpy are clearly dangerous. And Daenerys is at her most vulnerable.

Alas, by the end… We meet the Sand Snakes of Dorne. They seek revenge for what happened to the Viper, envenomed by his widowed wife.

Get ready for some CHARLIE´S ANGELS Westeros style. This deadly trio is out for justice like Fox Force Five lead by The Bride.

Lets hope we get some KILL BILL style choreography in these upcoming fights with these skilled and varied warriors.

Heh, Cersei…. The Waaarrrrriors Are Coming! They want revenge for their Pops (the Viper of Dorne, above).

Next episode should be even more exciting.

Now that a lot of the set-up is taken care of we’re primed for GLADIATOR-like action and Shakespearean deceit – the stuff GAME OF THRONES does best.

What do you think… Leave a comment below.

Meanwhile… Margaery tried to get her brother out of jail, but the young King listened to his Mom (Cersei) instead… the power struggle to manipulate the Kingdom continues…

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