WE THE NORTH – Cavs vs Raptors FANS

The Raptors traveled to CLEVELAND tonight to take on LeBRON JAMES and his Cavaliers. Toronto didn’t travel alone. Over 150 Raptors fans (in one section alone) also made the trip across the border. #WETHENORTH. The best fans in the NBA. No doubt.

Starters: “How much did LOU just score? He’s only played 10 minutes”…. “More than all of us. Combined.”

It started off ugly for the Raps – down 18 in the 1st quarter. LeBRON was killing the Raps, facilitating the offense and dropping dimes. KYRIE IRVING was hitting his shots. VAREJAO was rolling after his screens and hurting Toronto on the inside. It was painful to watch… That’s why what happened next felt so dang good.

1st quarter. LeBron… Coastin’.

So Coach Casey shined the BAT SIGNAL, high in the night skies. LOU WILLIAMS, Toronto’s caped crusader, answered the call. He had 18 points in his 11 minute stint off the bench, bringing the Raptor’s within striking distance.

“I really hope that Bat Signal works for any superhero.”

The bench was integral tonight, turning the tide. By the time we go to halftime, Lou hits another stepback buzzer-beater to give him 24 points after 2 periods. His performance tonight was his career best. His final tally was 36 points. The man HEATS up so fast, he’s a MICROWAVE. Could Lou become a serious SIXTH MAN candidate?

Lou responded to Casey’s call.

Tonight was the 2nd game in a back-to-back, but Toronto still had enough gas to close out the 3rd quarter with a 22 – 6 run against Bron’s CAVS. During the run, Raptor fans were cheering so loud they took over Cleveland’s arena. Heh, NBA? This is a warning… If your city has snow, there’s a good chance Canadian fans will take it over.

“What the F just happened here?” “I dunno, man? I thought Canadians were supposd to docile & polite?”

LeBron and his squadmates Kyrie & KEVIN LOVE weren’t able to stop the Raps. With like 5 minutes left, Cavs fans started to leave the arena. The fans gave up on a 13 point game with time on the clock. There were so many Toronto fans chanting, “Let’s go Raptors!” that you could hear them on the TV. I was so proud seeing so many loud fans speckled across the Celeveland arena.

We. The. North… AndSurroundingBorderCities.

Actually, the ethnically diverse fanbase had so many banners and signs you’d think you’re watching the Raptors play a HOME game. Toronto has the best fans in the league. How many cheer on an unproven rookie like Bruno CABOCLO for his debut, and so boisterous? How many make long road trips across National borders?

The Raps took a heavy knock-down punch in the first period, but like ROCKY, they never gave up. They got back up. Swollen and battered. They spat blood onto the mat. Tapped gloves. And fought all the way back up, from down 18 to up 20. Maybe Rocky isn’t the best analogy… More like THE HULK. You don’t want to make the Raps angry.

DeROZAN shot poorly in the 1st half, but like ROCKY, he bounced back, with 17 points in the 2nd half.

What did you think? Could Lou Wiiliams be 6th Man?

L O U   –  the mini-microwave

What other cities in the NBA have die hard fans like Toronto?


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