A new trailer just hit for PITCH PERFECT 2. And I have to say, I’m excited. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a lot of FUN with the first movie. It really surprised me. The sequel promises more of the same: lots of laughs with our favourite characters competing in an all new a cappella Sing-Off… This time with 80% more beat-boxing flavour.

Hilarious. Does this count as a beatbox… CLICK on the image to watch the TRAILER.

The preview starts off with ANNA KENDRICK singing. And it gets kind of cheesy. I was worried. But then the comedy kicks in. Kendrick arrives at a house party with her friends. She’s asked for the secret password before entering. She seems hesitant, she says, “Fart noise?” The doorman retorts, “Didn’t you see the parenthesis?” Kendrick did, so she raises her arm, and blows into her arm – making a fart noise. Melodrama. Broken. What a great laugh to kick things off.

It’s essential that Anna Kendrick returns for the sequel. She has so much charm and goofiness. She’s like the girl next door type. I was worried what they would do with her in the sequel. Like, I thought we were going to get the same scenes over and over – but they mixed it up. Kendrick’s famous CUPS didn’t even make an appearance once in this trailer… and I’m talking about her “stacked” cups… Doh… One more time… And I’m talking about her famous “stacking” of “plastic cups”… to music… There.

Anna Kendrick, famous for her cups… scene… with the singing… and the stacking.

Thankfully, REBEL WILSON returns along with the other original cast members. She was a revelation in PITCH PERFECT. She almost stole the show. It looks her role may have even expanded for the sequel. Let’s hope so. I love her sense of humour. It’s very dry & sarcastic and on full display in this new trailer.

Another hilarious moment from the new trailer… I love REBEL!

The first movie had a very JOHN HUGHES feel to it. To the point that it even directly references THE BREAKFAST CLUB in a memorable fashion. What I mean by the Hughes feel is the sort of edgier jokes and more realistic characters with emotions. You’ll get absurdist humour followed by cascading tears. I love the old Hughes movies, and nothing will EVER touch them. But it’s good to see filmmakers follow in his path and homage his movies.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB… CLICK on the image to watch the TRAILER.

PITCH PERFECT also falls in the UNDERDOG sub-genre. We meet a little group of mistfits, a tight knit clan of outsiders, as they attempt to out-cool the cool kids. It’s not like they seek popularity, they seek to be heard. Others silence them, or don’t notice them, and it isn’t until they are on stage that can truly exist as themselves. Sure this may seem like I’m reading too much into it. But I feel like that IS the subtext in most SPORT movies. And what is PITCH PERFECT but a competition movie. Just substitute baseball with singing.

There’s not too many comedies that I like now-a-days. It might be that I’m just getting older, but the constant slapstick and sitcom-get-out-of-a-lie scenarios really grate me. I much prefer funny dialogue & wacky characters. And for me, that’s what PITCH PERFECT delivered. I had a lot of fun with the original and I’m expecting the same thing out of the SEQUEL.

the players

I’m thinking part 2 will capture that same spirit as well. We’ll get to root for the underdogs and laugh along the way. It’s a familiar formula, but if the execution is done well, that doesn’t even matter. Sometimes, as the audience, we feel more comfortable with reliable tropes and clichés.

Rebel & Anna

I’m ready to hang out with these guys again and share a few laughs.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the sequel?

The main 3 all glammed up.

Do you find yourself rooting for the characters like they were on your favourite sports team or something?

PITCH PERFECT homaged Judd Nelson’s final salute in BREAKFAST CLUB, um, pitch-perfectly… So what 80s reference would you like to see the sequel highlight?

What recent comedy would you like to see get a sequel?

How about a sequel to THIS IS THE END ?

So... What'd you think?

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