BLACK SYN: A SciFi Noir – Available Now!

My new book SLIP/THROUGH: BLACK SYN is on sale now! 

SLIPwideCOVER.jpgNoir goes science fiction with this adult thriller.

Two detectives from opposing factions – one is human, the other is cybernetic – track down an elusive serial killer known only as Black Syn.

A murder connected to the space tourism industry forces their paths to cross. The impending collision will unravel a mystery involving artificial intelligence vying for control of the distant planet.

This serialized novella series launches right into cyberpunk action with Book One, while also focusing on hard-boiled crime, strong themes, and provocative characters.

I recently ventured into the world of self publishing. Unleashed as easy to digest novellas, this new series can be enjoyed in one sitting. Fans of more traditional publishing can expect a compiled volume coming soon.

BLACK SYN is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition and paperback.

Hardcover print editions are available from Blurb, as well as a Free 3D Mock-Up Preview.

Various e-book versions are also available at Smashwords for only $2!


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