Meanwhile… Life Happens. An Update.


Running SLIP/THROUGH and collaborating with the community has been an amazing experience for this movie nerd. I wanted to address the hard-working, dedicated community. You know what it takes to run a site for the pure love of it.

While this site has been on ‘vacation’, I’ve been hard at work. Family illness spurred an urgency to pursue my creative interests. Editing work transitioned into ghost writing novels (including 2 trilogies), which led to adapting my original screenplays into novellas for Netflix-style binging.


Big shout-outs to the astounding team behind the one-stop geek spot THAT MOMENT IN, the mega-review superstar cinephile MOVIEROB, my fellow (Two) Dan from GET REEL MOVIES, and the pulptastic and nerdtastic minds behind THE TELLTALE MIND, for their kind support during the hiatus.

Thanks to all readers who continued to check out SLIP/THROUGH’s archived content (10,000+ in the past 2 months… somehow).

While getting the recognition the entire WordPress film community deserves is nearly impossible, for the love of the art-form, the ‘dream’ is worth pursuing for all of us.

Water those seeds.


Trying my hat at self-publishing, I found an awesome site to release print editions. VIRDON Publishing is the result. To launch the venture, I compiled my most successful special feature:BOOBS, BLOOD & THE BEAST – 31 NIGHTS OF HORROR.



For those interested, please check out the glossy 3D full screen FREE PREVIEW.

Like a lot of fantastic material published online by the movie nerd community I’m so proud to be a part of, this Halloween series lends itself towards a high quality coffee-table book.

Who knows where this adventure will go, but I hope to also inspire others to publish their own material. There is so much incredible talent out here!

Check out the Book Article for More


Novellas Coming Soon

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile… Life Happens. An Update.

    1. Thanks, Jay. I’m adapting some of my screenplays into books (novella editions first). Been ghost writing before. But… Stay tuned. I was signed to write 8 episodes of a new kids scifi cartoon (for a new family channel) too. Let’s hope I can add some Dog Who Stopped the War type vibes 😉


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