COWBOY NINJA VIKING has the most awesome nerd appeal title ever. Upon news of the adaption, opening night showings instantly sold out from parents’ basements everywhere.

The obscure comic book is hitting the silver screen with STARLORD himself, CHRIS PRATT, in the starring role. I don’t know much about the comic, but I can’t wait to see a trailer for the movie.

Chris Pratt, STARLORD

The comic follows a man with mental issues. You see, he has 3 other personalities who are triggered by corresponding events to protect their host. Um, or so I’m guessing. Like you, all I know is there’s a cowboy, ninja, and viking. Throw in a Guardian and you’ve got one awesome ass kicking hero. Add to it that the comic comes from IMAGE – the label that publishes THE WALKING DEAD. That’s a good sign, right. Right? It’s R-Rated genre goodness, so fingers crossed.

the cowboy

Chris Pratt is on a role after starring in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The number 1 movie of the summer. I’d say for the year, but HUNGER GAMES is a heavyweight contender for the title. That said, Pratt is a great underdog story.

The man has starred in comedies before, small roles in movies and television. But it wasn’t until he transformed from a regular Joe to Joe 6-pack that he hit the big time. He brought his excellent comedic chops to the action hero physique and won the “galaxy” over.

From the CNV comic… looks like a ripped Chris Pratt to me.

Pratt will next be seen in another blockbuster. A very familiar franchise for movie nerds and genre fans. I’m talking about the return of mother blinkin’ JURASSIC PARK. The next film in the series is called JURASSIC WORLD and has a real chance to solidify Pratt’s hard-earned spot as bankable action hero. I can’t wait. The trailer hits on American Thanksgiving.

It’s rare for an action hero to feel like someone you’d want to hang out with. Chris Pratt is funny. No doubt. He’d be a riot. He seems like a regular guy you could watch a movie or a basketball game with. Most heroes seem intimidating or imposing. They’re guys you don’t want to mess around with. Whether Pratt is down-to-Earth or not, his goofy charm sells this.

Chris Pratt as the leading man of the upcoming JURASSIC WORLD

The premise for the comic book version of COWBOY NINJA VIKING is actually really intriguing. Our hero is an intelligence agent. He’s part of a team of experimental soldiers with multiple personalities trained to defeat the enemy. There’s a conspiracy angle as teammates turn hitmen. Our hero must use his abilities to battle the defected Triplets. Sounds cool. Not your cup? Too much plot. Heh, at least there IS a plot.

the viking

So with this goofy title, a compelling mystery, pseudo-science, psychotic action & mayhem, AND a joker like Chris Pratt on board – I think I’m sold already. No matter what I do, I can’t help it, I’m a 16 year old nerd at heart. I can’t wait to see how Pratt unravels the mystery, while cracking jokes and cracking skulls.

the ninja

What do you think? Do you need to know more before you get excited?

the guardian

Or was that title, matched with Starlord, all you needed to hear?

What bold and crazy comic do you NEED to see adapted next? Movie or TV?

Y: THE LAST MAN… One of my absolute favourites! Don’t let this amazing post-apocalyptic adventure SLIP/THROUGH the cracks.

So... What'd you think?

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