NOIR 2.0 – V FOR VENDETTA Black & White


NOIR 2.0 drains colour, bringing life to the cinematography of contemporary films re-imagining them in glorious BLACK & WHITE.


The cinematography of the classic, stylish  film noirs influenced generations of filmmakers. The restricted camera movement and lack of colour to emphasize themes forced artists to craft provocative compositions to elicit emotions and heighten the tension. The craft is still alive! Today, directors embellish camera angles and lightning to create atmosphere and help absorb us into their vision.


By envisioning movies in black and white, it shines a spotlight on the cinematography. While we can do this at home by adjusting the colour settings on our television, the deliberate adjustment of brightness and contrast levels further enhances the overall vision.

This photographic series aims to remind the audience how genre films respect the art while delivering on the popcorn.

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NOIR: VOLUME 3 highlights the Alan Moore (WATCHMEN) comic book adaptation of V FOR VENDETTA (2005).  Philosophy and politics mix in this dramatic thriller starring Oscar winner Natalie Portman. An outsider makes a stand against corruption, risking everything for what is right.

This excellent recommendation for the NOIR treatment comes to us from SLIPper Cindy (check her movie & photography site here).

An assistant director on THE MATRIX, DARK CITY, and STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES, James McTeigue made his directorial debut with V. Strong compositions and striking lighting emphasize the cinematic style, making this the perfect selection for NOIR 2.0.

Let’s dig in.

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Wanna dig on some more? Check out NOIR: THE DARK KNIGHT.


What film would you like to go NOIR next?

5 thoughts on “NOIR 2.0 – V FOR VENDETTA Black & White

    1. Right on! That was the response I’m looking for. Maybe next time you watch it, you can drain the colour out by adjusting your TV 😉 I’m glad you liked the NOIR. I significantly tweaked the contrast on a few to make an even more striking image.

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