NOIR 2.0 – THE DARK KNIGHT Black & White – Part 2


NOIR 2.0 drains colour, bringing life to the cinematography of contemporary films re-imagining them in glorious BLACK & WHITE.


The cinematography of the classic, stylish  film noirs influenced generations of filmmakers. The restricted camera movement and lack of colour to emphasize themes forced artists to craft provocative compositions to elicit emotions and heighten the tension. The craft is still alive! Today, directors embellish camera angles and lightning to create atmosphere and help absorb us into their vision.

Image result for fury road black and chrome

Fellow movie nerds may recall MAD MAX: FURY ROAD helmer, George Miller, recently unleashed his film in Black & White Chrome to shine on a spotlight on the cinematography. While we can do this at home with any movie, by adjusting the colour settings on our television, the deliberate adjustment of brightness and contrast levels by the director would also further enhance Miller’s vision (for example).

This photographic series aims to remind the audience how certain blockbusters respect the art while delivering on the popcorn.

NOIR: VOLUME 1 launches by highlighting one of the best superhero movies of all-time… arguably the best… THE DARK KNIGHT (2008). Director Christopher Nolan is a massive cinephile, embracing the opportunity to tell visual stories on film (ie: celluloid, not digital).

To demonstrate how different our favourite movies would look if they were shot in Black & White, BATMAN was a logical beginning (check out part 1). THE DARK KNIGHT is the perfect blend of art and popcorn.

Let’s dig in.

Please, feel free to push up those glasses, chime in, and leave a comment.

What movies do you want to get the NOIR treatment?




noir-dark-mainWhat do you think?


What film would you like to see go NOIR next?


Check out Part 1 of NOIR: THE DARK KNIGHT.

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