Suppose you could only watch 10 movies from any given year.


This THROWBACK THURSDAY Special Feature asks you if you’d rather watch the TOP 10 BLOCKBUSTERS of the Year, or The 5 BEST PICTURE Nominees at The OSCARS (plus 5 Honorable Mention Dramas from the Top 100)?



It’s a true movie nerd dilemma. Imagine you never watched these films and would never get to see half of them once you choose your side.

Could you live without seeing THE SHINING or RAGING BULL, so you could have the experience of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? There’s much more to contemplate at the cinephilian crossroads of this 1980 Edition of Would You Rather? Art vs. Popcorn.

Stay tuned for my answer and a quick blurb to help you decide.

Let’s kick this off with
1980: Would You Rather? 

So... What'd you think?

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