Check out my review for my favourite film of 2014, UNDER THE SKIN. This interpretive scifi film isn’t for everyone, but those that dig stylish cinema with complex themes are in for a real treat.

CINEMA REMEMBERED is my weekly column for THAT MOMENT IN, reminding us of pivotal moments in movie history.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Under the Skin (2014) A mysterious alien on a curious mission seeks out and seduces innocent men.

HOW IT STARTS: A man expecting some fun between the sheets with Scarlett Johansson gets way more than he expected.


THE PREFACE: Jonathan Glazer makes an amazing debut, directing this hallucinatory and introspective sci-fi thriller. While the visuals are incredibly beautiful, there is also a lot of substance. Under the Skin examines rich themes and philosophy. This interpretive film is the deepest sci-fi in years. It’s rare that a move makes you examine yourself. This story is that participatory. Without much dialogue and zero exposition, it’s up to the viewer to (want to) figure things out. An incredibly atmospheric and unsettling score helps fuel the atmosphere the astounding visuals establish.


This ambiguous story is driven by a magnetic performance from Scarlett Johansson. We soon realize her character (credited as “The…

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One thought on “CINEMA REMEMBERED: Under the Skin and The STEP INTO THE VOID Moment

  1. Wow, Dan! I can really see you love this move. It really got you Under the Skin. And you are right, rarely a movie makes you feel “in” the movie. I’m not sure I could watch this one, I added it to my list… who knows! 🙂


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