This edition of CINEMA REMEMBERED highlights one of the best films of the year, EX MACHINA. This introspective and philosophical thriller is incredibly exciting.

This THAT MOMENT IN article deconstructs one of Golden Globe nominated Alicia Vikander’s most pivotal scenes.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Ex Machina (2015) The eccentric CEO of a Google-like company tasks a mild-mannered employee to conduct interviews with an artificially intelligent robot to see if it could pass for human.

HOW IT STARTS: A self-aware nearly human-looking robot realizes how others think of her. She wants to change that by changing her strange appearance.

Universal Studios

THE PREFACE:Ex Machina is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. This sci-fi indie focuses on story instead of action. Characters are the main draw here, not explosions. This intense self-contained psychological thriller is more Alfred Hitchcock than Michael Bay. Screenwriter Alex Garland makes his directorial debut with this amazing concept. Garland is Danny Boyle’s genre writer, collaborating on such films as The Beach, Sunshine, and 28 Days Later. His first feature has a strong visual style, with interesting set design and super nerdy cool sci-fi conceptual designs.


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