SLIP/cuts ranks the latest releases according to anticipation. 

January is typically a dumping ground for Hollywood releases. You won’t see many highly anticipated blockbusters hitting the screen this month. You may see a few leftovers from 2015, that for a myriad of reasons didn’t receive studio support.

Technically released in limited release during December, THE REVENANT is probably your best option for a great movie if you’re only planning on seeing one movie this month. For families, the best option is the latest KUNG FU PANDA.

Let’s dig into January’s new movies.

A note on the / rating… ///// = can not wait, incredible excitement building… ///// = it’s safe to let this one slip on through.



Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance in the first images was enough to sell many a cinephile on this exciting new project. Inarritu (AMORES PERROS, BIRDMAN) boldly photographed this thriller under natural lighting with his trademark roaming camerawork. A traditional revenge story looks to get the full on epic cinematic treatment.


ANOMALISA (limited)

There’s a lot of great buzz for this strange little indie hidden gem. Filmed as if it were a character drama, this story uses stop-motion puppetry. This bold and daring technique definitely gets the attention of this nerd. Charlie Kaufman (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) has never been known to tell a boring story – to say the least. The most intriguing element is how this movie will unfold.




Kevin Hart may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy the style of this stand-up comedian you’re in luck. The first chapter paired Hart with Ice Cube. To prove he was worth to marry Cube’s sister, he had to survive a ride along in Cube’s cop car. The laughs were outrageous, but Hart’s energy is infectious. The sequel will probably dial everything up to 11, but the trailer conveyed that same vibe as the original. PLUS: Olivia Munn.




With some slim pickings, this looks to be the last best option. Trailers reminded me of THE PERFECT STORM. Let’s hope we care for these characters just as much, in this survive the elements thriller. Chris Pine and Casey Affleck lead the way, but the real star is Mother Nature herself.





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15 thoughts on “SLIP/cuts: January THEATRICAL RELEASES

    1. Right on. Anomalisa looks really different. I love the animation style, but am also intrigued by the adult themes juxtaposed with the “childish” format. As for Revenant, just saw it tonight. Definitely scary, with a focus on gritty realism. It also reminds you of how animalistic we are. I was expecting man vs nature, but I got man vs the nature of man. Scarier than a grizzly bear.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Loved the way it looked too. The torchlight scene was a standout. No lighting equipment really freed up the camera eh. It could roam and turn arkund or tilt up without restriction. Even though digital, it felt like film. Oscar for the DOP!

        Liked by 1 person

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