CINEMA REMEMBERED takes on Shakespeare… with guns. This edition deconstructs this hyper stylized Baz Luhrman adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio way before The Revenant.

Hop on over to THAT MOMENT IN – the one stop geek spot – and check out the review of ROMEO + JULIET.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) Two star-crossed lovers from opposing feuding families risk their lives to be together.

HOW MOMENT STARTS: A rival gang pulls into a gas station and violence erupts.

THE PREFACE: Although it’s Shakespeare, this movie is full of action. The fresh contemporary setting swaps swords for guns. Baz Luhrmann is a visionary director who transforms the Bard’s Tale for the MTV Generation. Lightning fast editing, extreme colours, and bombastic action set-pieces make this ancient piece of literature feel brand new.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Romeo, a poet with a broken heart, trying to get over a recent break-up. He’s one of the boys, strapped with a 9mm, shooting stick at the local billiards. Romeo feels like he’s from the working class side of town.

20th Century Fox

Meanwhile, Juliet lives a lavish mansion life. Claire Danes (coming off of the criminally under-seen My…

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2 thoughts on “CINEMA REMEMBERED: Romeo + Juliet and The GAS STATION SHOOTOUT Moment

  1. I’ve never seen this one but I just added it to my list. I didn’t know John Leguizamo was in it, I like him. And I already knew Di Caprio could act since I saw What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? I’m not a fan but the boy is good 🙂

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