Nerd Alert: Theory Time – STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

So, you’ve seen EPISODE VII. You loved it! And now you want to get all nerdy about Kylo Ren, Snoke, Rey, Luke Skywalker, etc? Well then, you’re “home”.

Here’s a couple of theories, including one incredible mind-blower.


Do NOT read this unless you have seen THE FORCE AWAKENS. 

Check out my earlier SPOILER FREE review here.


First, let’s tackle the most obvious theory. With one I’m sure a lot of STAR WARS fans already think themselves. Let’s talk about Rey. Before we do, don’t ruin FORCE AWAKENS. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read this article.

I’m also writing this without reading any spoiler reviews or any other theories on the Internet. This is freshly squeezed nerd sweat.

When we all saw the casting of EPISODE VII we began speculating, like every good nerd should. The most obvious predictions from early images were stuff like Adam Driver is Han Solo’s son because of that vest he wore on a magazine cover. At the time; however, I didn’t expect him to be a Darth Vader looking Kylo Ren.

The next photo prediction was Domnhall Gleeson is Luke’s son because of their similar appearances. Ditto for Finn and Lando/Windu – because they are black (I mean, really?) The other popular guess going around the Interwebs was the lineage of Daisy Ridley’s character Rey. Some of us thought she would be Luke’s daughter. Now that I’ve seen the movie there’s some “evidence” for this theory.

Rey is definitely Force sensitive. We see this in several scenes, most significantly with Kylo Ren’s interrogation. Naturally, I’m thinking she’s a Skywalker. Her interactions with Han in the Falcon’s cockpit made me think she was Han’s daughter. They were finishing each other’s sentences. Then there was the emotional hug with Leia near the end. This begs the question, if Rey is Ren’s sister, why was she hidden away like Luke was from Padme?

BIG TIME SPOILERS NOW – last warning.

The other Skywalker is still out there in the universe. Somewhere. The whole movie is a quest to find Luke. When Rey finally finds him, she offers the lightsaber to the grizzled old hermit, living in seclusion like Obi Wan. He doesn’t accept it, but he doesn’t deny it either. He just looks on in amazement.

You have to expect this Jedi Master knew Rey was arriving. He had to see the Falcon land. The million stairs ensure he had time to think on this, as well… but then he sees her – and doesn’t say a thing, because this is the daughter he has never seen, who was hidden away from him years ago.

Rey is definitely strong in the Force, but she also has strong mechanical skills with droids and excellent instincts for piloting – like Luke at her age.

Extra twist here is Luke could be employing the same strategy his father used. Earlier in the series, Vader eventually decided to not seek Luke out. It was more effective to put his son’s friends in danger and lure him. Instead of Luke trying to find his daughter, risking capture from his enemies, he waited for her. I don’t think he is evil, but it is possible. I think we could get teased that he’s gone Dark next episode. However, the Chosen One should be able to balance the Dark with the Light, like Anakin did at the time of his death. Perhaps Jedi bred by Jedi are more powerful with the Force (the main reason why Jedi aren’t allowed to form relationships)?


Ren is a complex character. Adam Driver’s performance is layered with subtlety. The biggest question about this villain is: How evil is Kylo Ren? When Han confronts his son (named Ben. perhaps to honour Kenobi’s sacrifice), Ren manipulates Solo with his only weakness in order to defeat him. Han shows compassion in his last moment, touching his son’s cheek. Ren is scarred emotionally by the betrayal of his father (killing Han may weigh on him in the future), before the same spot gets physically scarred later.

The wonder of this confrontation comes from questioning the honesty of Ren’s emotions. He says he isn’t strong enough… to do what’s right(?). I’m thinking Kylo Ren still has a chance.

There’s more to Ren. He hides behind the mask, like his grandfather. We knew he worshiped Vader from the trailer, but now we have some deeper context. When Ren removes the mask we can see how defenseless he is. The vulnerability comes across from his soft voice, as well as his more whiny and sniveling characteristics. Ren needs the mask to intimidate. He needs his voice to be more imposing. The mask acts like Batman’s costume, instilling fear. Ren has incredible pressure to fill Vader’s shoes, imposed by himself and by Snoke.

When Han confronts Kylo he yells out, “Ben!” Perhaps giving us the biggest indication that this villain will be redeemed. Obi Wan failed with Anakin, but may succeed with Ren in a round-about kind of way. This mirrored parallel would be beautiful if orchestrated well. Perhaps Ren will be inspired by his noble namesake and Old Ben’s hope for balance in the Force, rather than his last name’s tie to the Dark Side?


Upon first seeing Snoke, I experienced my first slight disappointment in FORCE AWAKENS. The visual just wasn’t so impressive. The large character’s appearance reminded me of the giant head sculpture in PROMETHEUS. However, the more I thought about Snoke, the more I appreciated its design. By the end, it is revealed that the big bad Sith Lord was a hologram. Who knows where this throne he sits atop is actually located?

My first theory with Snoke is he is the WIZARD OF OZ. In reality, he is a meek being, small and timid in stature. This hologram allows him to appear more intimdating and imposing to instill fear. Sound familiar? This hologram parallels Kylo Ren’s use of the mask. Snoke’s hologram is his mask.

My super out-there theory involves Kylo and Snoke. By the end, we see Ren has a scar on his cheek (as mentioned with Han Solo above). It seemed like Snoke had a scar along his eye as well. I know he’s an alien species from STAR WARS canon, but what if someway somehow this was Kylo Ren himself?

What?! How?! I know there’s no place for time travel in STAR WARS… until now. Depending upon the execution, I would probably be disappointed if they chose this path. That said, perhaps future Kylo can communicate into the past with advanced technology combined with the Force?

Better yet, present-day Kylo has no idea he learns from his future self. It has been established that Force Visions of the future, won’t necessarily come true. Yoda and Obi Wan urged Luke in RETURN OF THE JEDI that the vision is just one possible future. What if future Kylo tries to ensure his supremecy over the galaxy, or he tries to alter it?

I don’t want this to actually happen. It’s just the craziest theory I could come up with, while my other observations are more grounded (for this fantasy).


What do you think?

Leave a comment below.

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29 thoughts on “Nerd Alert: Theory Time – STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

      1. Yeah I love it too. To me it’s Han’s gesture and it is one of love to say to his son there’s still good in you and the light side always wins. It’s also just a father saying to his son “I love you.” Well that’s how I interpret it.

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  1. Dan, I love that you have al these theories and I wonder if all the fans also have some.
    Of course I read this post because I don’t plan to watch the movie. I wanted to know if I could understand anything, and no, I couldn’t 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HHaha yes. I get really nerdy here, and definitely assume the reader has seen the movie. As crazy as some of my ideas may sound, now that the movie has been out for a couple of weeks, I can see that the Internet is way nerdier than I am 😉 hahaha – and that’s a challenge already.

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  2. I’ve just read something that theorises Rey being Snoke’s daughter. I still think the most logical is she is Luke’s but the whole concept of Jedi not forming relationships still bugs me so do think there’s some plausible connection to being Han/Leia’s child. That said, hiding her on another planet could be explained by her existence being taboo. Plus, Han mentions that Chewy kind of likes her (and that’s why she’s allowed to stick around). Wasn’t this a similar thread in the original or have I dreamt that?! Adam Driver is class though and I’m glad you mentioned his whiny side – I did say he sounded like a petulant rich kid at quite a few points!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking out the nerdy theory stuff, Hayleee. Nice Ren comment! I like how you put it. He does come off like a spoiled brat / rich kid. Especially that temper tantrum slashing.

      The Rey – Snoke (Dark Side) connection is compelling. I heard Collider talk on that too. And I LOVE how that mirrors Ren’s birthright from the Light Side. If she is Darth Plagues’ child, then that explains the staff – a historical item attached to her father (much like the saber).

      Your parallel of hiding a child is spot on, and a part of the beauty of Force Awakens. Some may dismiss this familiarity as lacking originality. I say IT RHYMES. And I love the sound of its poetry.

      Plus, don’t we all – deep down – really want Rey to be Luke;s daughter, and her story to reflect his. She needs to be the hero. I don’t want to watch her go bad. Rey is the ultimate action hero right now! However, I would enjoy witnessing Ren traverse the arc to the Light Side.

      Fun getting geeky with ya, Thanks.

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      1. Interesting theory involving the staff. It’s not a connection I would have picked up on without a prompt but it will certainly be good to see where it goes. I agree though, we don’t need to see another ‘abandoned kid’ go bad!

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    1. Heheh that’s what I’m saying bud – say no to time travel. Just an out there nutso idea… unlike Rey is Luke’s daughter – which I think we’re supposed to interpret. However, it would be nice if Eps8 toys with this expectation.

      Oh wait… there is a time travel I’d be okay with. Starting the next chapter a couple years later with Rey in mid-training, headstand balancing some rocks with her Master, Luke, watches on like Yoda. That would be another nice mirror held up to the Originals.


  3. so ur saying the mask for Ren is like it was for Dark Helmet in Spaceballs???

    I like ur theories, but I think Rey is Luke’s daughter and I find it interesting what u say abt luke not accepting or declining the lightsaber.

    The big question is how did Maz get the lightsaber that Luke lost along with his hand in Empire. In the books, they explain it well, but here, no explanation at all, I at first wrongfully assumed it was Luke’s own lightsaber, not anakin’s

    whats ur theory on 3po’s red arm? did the galaxy run out of gold paint?

    too bad they didnt wake r2 up much earlier, wouldve saved them a lot of time once Po got the map. 🙂

    and speaking of po, why did he leave the planet without bb-8 if his cargo was so important? how did he know that BB was safe with han and chewy?

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Rob. First off, Dark Helmet hahaha good one.

      I think Rey is Luke’s daughter too. I think that’s what the final shot meant. Earlier, I thought she could be Leia & Han’s daughter because of finishing each other’s sentences, as well as her piloting and mechanical skills. But now it’s clear she is so strong with the Force because she is the Chosen One (aka a Skywalker).

      Although, it would be interesting if Rey is the offspring of a Sith Lord and Ren is a Skywalker, yet both paths flipped from Dark to Light. That could be Darth Plagueis’ (aka the Emperor’s master, aka Snoke) staff right.

      However, she is Luke’s daughter. The parallels are perfect. Plus, some of those visions could be memories instead, like she saw Luke touch R2 with the metal hand (when he placed the map within, and told R2 to hibernate until he saw Rey grown up or something). I think Luke made Han & Leia keep Rey a secret (even from her). He wanted her to put together a puzzle of sorts, and find him to earn her Jedi training (Eps.8). He gave his saber and R2 to Maz Kanata as a trail of breadcrumbs, knowing it would trigger memories and erase his Jedi mind wipe on her.

      I need to see it again, I only saw it on opening night so far.

      As for 3PO, I’m thinking he lost an arm between adventures, like his silver leg replacement in Empire & HJedi. Maybe Chewy had to carry him like a backpack again 😉

      The BB8 stuff is limited because of cutting into the story at the last possible moment, with Max Von Sydow not even setup. I think Sydow (Luke’s friend? Wedge Antilles hehe taught Poe to fly) told Poe of Luke and Han. So he trusted the guys with BB8.

      Hope that answers your questions, Rob. Thanks for posing them. I’m all covered in nerd sweat now 😉


  4. Love these theories, even if I don’t agree with all of them, they were good fun to read, especially that last one. My favourite shot is when Finn is battling stormtroopers during the sequence when the resistance arrive at the bar across the lake. But the shot is when Finn is watching Poe take out the TIE fighters and stormtroopers in his X-Wing, it’s just incredible how well done it is. Ballerina-esque and just stunning

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for getting nerdy with me, buddy. That XWing stuff was amazing. I think my little kid brain took over there. There are a few perfectly conducted ballet moments eh.

      That Snoke theory is definitely out there. I tried to think of at least one epic push of your glasses theory. My fav is Ren wearing a mask to hide his weak voice and clean-cut (and awkward?) appearance. He hides behind this menacing mirage, like Snoke does the hologram. I think this layer will get deeper with the physical scar on top of the emotional scar where Han touched his cheek. He may regret this decision, especially when he is tempted by The Light. That was a great parallel (internally and externally wounded)!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mutie. I hope Ren isn’t Snoke too! That was my craziest theory. for the movie 😉

      Collider on YouTube had an out there theory – imagine if Rey is a descendant of a Sith like Ren is from a Jedi. That would be an oddly poetic parallel.

      However, I love Rey as the hero. And thinks she’s gonna be the one to save the galaxy as the chosen one. I think when Rey hugged Leia, the former Princess knew she was hugging her niece. But she also knew Rey would have to put together all the puzzle pieces herself, like Leia promised to Luke. I think this theory is a bit more grounded.

      I’m sticking to my hologram theory for now. Snoke is small, and hides behind his version of Kylo’s menacing mask – the holo that makes him bigger.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, Andy Serkis’ people supposedly said what his actual height is, but… Who knows if any of that is the truth. 😉 I’m perfectly happy for Rey to stay good. And Luke! I’ve always been a much bigger fan of the goodies than the baddies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope Rey is Luke’s daughter. That makes the most sense. She could be even better than Luke (as a character and as a Jedi). As for Serkis, I remember hearing he was huge too (and impossible to not CGI), but now I think that was a ruse so we didn’t guess the hologramtwist. He’s gotta be human size, otherwise Rey or Luke will have to bounce around like Yoda in the Prequels hahha

        I’m all the way Light Side too. Rey is my new fav, but Ren is definitely intriguing (as far as motives are concerned).

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome theories man. I’m still saying Darth Plagueis is going to be involved in this. But we will see. That’s a really interesting thought with Snoke. I can’t wait for the next one, but for now I’ll be seeing it a couple more times.

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