Check out this spooky edition of CINEMA REMEMBERED from another holiday earlier in the year, HALLOWEEN. This old school slasher helped invent the sub-genre, breaking through into the mainstream.

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That Moment

THIS WEEK:John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978): An escaped madman puts on a mask and stalks a babysitter in this legendary horror film that gave birth to the slasher genre.

HOW THE MOMENT STARTS: A young man heads to the kitchen to fetch a post-coital beer.

Compass International Pictures

THE PREFACE: John Carpenter helmed this Midnight Screening indie that broke through into the mainstream. The simple premise of a babysitter attacked by a madman, was one we could all relate to. We’ve either been the child or the babysitter. The idea of a masked man with a knife chasing you around the house is your worst nightmare. Carpenter embellished every Moment he could.

Compass International Pictures

Because of the blockbuster success, tons of slasher imitators rode the coattails of Halloween. Stuff like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street owe a lot to John Carpenter’s cult classic. However, none of…

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