deconstructing trailers: X-MEN APOCALYPSE

The latest in the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS franchise flashes back to the 80s. Bryan Singer juggles a whole bunch of new heroes and villains. The biggest baddest new addition is the villain Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). Looks like this time around our heroes will have to face a whole team of bad guys.

Apocalypse is an ancient mutant, perhaps the first one. Legends tell of him building the pyramids and his worship for centuries, prayed to by the masses as Ra, Krishna, and Yahweh. According to mythological prophecies there is a second coming on the horizon, lead by Apocalypse and his 4 Horsemen.

Magneto joins the Horsemen, imbued with even more power by Oh Purple One. The Master of Magnetism joins forces with a young manipulator of the weather – Storm (Alexandra Shiplee), a psychic-energy bladed ninja – Psylocke (Olivia Munn), and a winged psycho – Archangel. Together they seek to claim the world for their own and rid it of the human plague.

NERD ALERT: 80s comic book fans will be pleased to see Storm has her famed mohawk.

Standing in their way are our FIRST CLASS heroes, who have a few new additions as well. Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Jubilee, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey (Sophie Turner from GAME OF THRONES) join Xavier’s School for the Gifted. The trailer kicks off with Jean’s nightmare of the Apocalypse-led apocalypse. Professor X tells her it’s just a dream, but perhaps he knows more than he’s letting on, and saving the teenage girl from being frightened by her new powers to see the future.

Apocalypse is brilliantly set-up with lots of ominous warnings. We hear how evil he is, before we ever see him. The trailer is certain to not reveal too much. Maybe those earlier EW photos and the surrounding controversy caused the studio to hold back? Regardless, it’s quite effective when our heroes talk of the myth of Apocalypse, theorizing the Bible might have based the 4 Horseman of of him – and not the other way around.

In one sequence it appears that Apocalypse has similar powers to Professor X. We see the big bad baddie in some sort of strange surroundings with shadowy figures rushing by. It looks rather similar to the way Xavier finds mutants with the aid of Cerebro. Does Apocalypse have this same find-a-mutant superpower? Does the Professor’s power-up make him stronger than the ancient mutant? And how does this make him bald? That said, James McAvoy as looks pretty badass bald.

Mystique seems to take the threat seriously, calling it “War.” She joins our heroes, despite her relationship with Magneto. No doubt, this decisions was also influenced by Jennifer Lawrence’s massive popularity. By teaming up with the X-Men she can save the day and have a more prominent role. Oh… and bonus points for that 80s perm.

Despite some bland acting, and a flood of quick glimpses, this early trailer still build anticipation without giving away too much of the plot. This sneak peek basically serves as an introduction, playing it up to the comic book crowd with tons of nerdy references from the comics. X-MEN APOCALYPSE is still far away from release, but this early glimpse whets the appetite nicely.

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