deconstructing trailers: BATMAN v SUPERMAN (Kimmel Edition)

The latest BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer just debuted on Jimmy Kimmel. That earlier sneak preview this summer was totally amazing (*Check the review*). It has to be one of the best overall trailers this year. However, as much as the earlier looks got me hyped up, this latest sneak peek was a little bit of a letdown.

At first, the tone is serious drama as the superhero alter-egos meet. Clark Kent talks with Bruce Wayne, prying for information and disagreeing about Superman’s public image. However, the tone takes a drastic shift as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is introduced. The zany over-the-top glee seems a little cheesy when contrasted against the darker atmosphere established in earlier footage.

Other deflating letdowns included the terrible musical score. It wasn’t dynamic or triumphant enough. Normally, Zack Snyder trailers have the hottest tracks, like some cool remix of a familiar song. The music made the action seem a little bland. The CGI capes were also a little distracting; however, Snyder is aiming for homages to iconic comic book panels – not realistic physics. The big bad baddie was a disappointing reveal as well. *More on that in a bit.*


There were some positives, like the flurry of action we saw, including the latest version of the Batwing. As uneven as the tone is, the action looks really exciting. Some highlights include Superman in the rain with his eyes blazing red as he’s pelted with bullets. The Man of Steel looks pissed off, like he doesn’t appreciate being toyed with by Luthor and the government(?).

We know the actual battle won’t last long, but we need to believe Batman would think Superman is dangerous. Shots like the one in the rain (and the recent sneak peak teaser) help sell the idea of evil within.

Another highlight was the appearance of Wonder Woman. She takes a high energy blast to her shield, protecting Batman and Superman. The way the editing is, it seems like Wonder Woman might swoop in a bit earlier and save the day at an integral moment. Right away, with her commanding presence, we know this hero is powerful and not the one with whom to f**k.

The biggest reveal from the whole trailer is when Doomsday crashes the party. At first, nostalgia screams back at the screen. Yes! They’re doing this story?! That said, once that initial high fades one starts to notice how Ninja Turtle this ultimate villain looks. Gone are the harsh spiked edges of his rocky exterior, instead there are smooth muscles. His powers seem to have an upgrade too.

For those unfamiliar with the Doomsday comic book storyline this will be spoiler free. Just know that if this story is pursued movie fans are in for a real treat. This is something fanboys thought might happen in the eventual JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, but this is so soon. While it’s probably just a tease of what’s to come, and this big bad baddie just appears for a scene or two, it still kind of takes the wind out of the VS sail. Now it’s more like Batman & Superman v Doomsday. 

Let’s just say this movie could have one heckuva cliffhanger setting up the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

What do you think? Has DC revealed too much? Did you love this trailer? Leave a comment below.

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13 thoughts on “deconstructing trailers: BATMAN v SUPERMAN (Kimmel Edition)

    1. It took a long time for this to be a movie, didn’t it. It’s an age-old debate, often in playgrounds or comic book shops, and now the internet. I say Batman is the ultimate detective, so he finds every hero’s weakness to have a fighting chance. While I love both, Batman is human and easier to root for as an underdog. Who do you like better? Or who do you think would win a fight?

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      1. That’s a very difficult question and I’m sure no one will win! The fans would be pissed if their favorite super hero is not the best 😀
        I never was a super hero fan. I always wondered why they were so popular… Even a 3 years old can tell Clark Kent is Superman so why the hell nobody sees that on the show?? 😀
        And Ben Affleck’s voice when he’s Bruce Wayne is EXACTLY the same as when he’s Batman, nobody suspects they are the same person??
        Dan, I try, believe me, I do… but I can’t buy this super hero stuff so easily 😀

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      2. Hahaha great reply! It’s so true. I guess it has to do with suspending your disbelief. If he can fly, than folks can overlook the similarities. But then again, it comments on how we don’t expect much out the mild-mannered and meek. Would people even believe a shy awkward and clumsy nerd like Clark Kent could save the world? It comments on society, as much as anything. Um, at least I think. Heheh.

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      3. Your comment made me think about a shy guy like the Dalai Lama putting a mask and a cape and being a super hero at night… That would be really awesome! 🙂
        And I guess I have that problem, I can’t suspend my disbelief!!
        But it doesn’t apply to romantic comedies, I believe in all that crap because I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming 😀
        (I believe in the magic of love (or miracles!!) 😀 )


  1. I dig the trailer even though it did show a lot, really enjoyed the exchanges between Clark and Bruce and Bruce I think, totally knows Clark is Superman, the most jarring thing from all of it was Eisenbergs tone as Lex, Lex is such a great character but Eisenberg may be overdoing it a bit. We’ll see how things turn out though.

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  2. I’m a big fan of this trailer. Purely based on anticipation alone though. There are some issues with it, Lex Luthor didn’t annoy me really and Doomsday looked pretty cool (from a non-comic reader). David mentioned in your join post that he wanted to see clever dialogue between Superman and Batman as Kent and Wayne more than action but knowing Snyder as we do rest assured this film will be verging on the 3 hour mark so I’m sure we’ll see more dialogue than the trailer suggests. Let’s just hope he sorts the pacing out though…

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    1. I hear you with the Synder pacing, so I’m not worried there. If I remember right, we both dig Watchmen. You’re right, the tone will be balanced much better within the proper context. My disapproval of Doomsday’s is already fading. It’s hard to separate the two images initially. The first trailers got me so excited, so I’m already sold. However, I still think the Doomsday reveal (if it’s like a third act climax) should have been saved for the movie. Thanks for commenting, James. I’m looking forward to what Snyder does with this story and the exciting opportunities for sheer spectacle.

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      1. Yeah I agree Doomsday probably could have been saved, but we still aren’t sure of Snyder’s intentions there so we’ll just have to wait and see, I also hope Wonder Woman has more than ten minutes on screen

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      2. I totally agree about Wonder Woman. More is better. And true, we have to wait and see if the whole Doomsday stuff is just Round 1 or something… with Justice League having the larger battle(?) Either way, I’m still nerdy excited.

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