DAY OF THE DEAD is the final chapter in George A. Romero’s zombie trilogy. Gore fans will be pleased, but surprised at some of the serious philosophical discussion.

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THIS WEEK:Day of the Dead (1985) George A. Romero’s walking dead trilogy follows a group of survivors living in an underground military base.

HOW IT STARTS: A scientist experiments on the walking dead to see if they have any conscience, memories, or instincts.

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THE PREFACE: Romero created an entire sub-genre on his own. This legendary horror director is responsible for the zombies fans know and love. In 1968 he filmed the black & white cult classic Night of the Living Dead. This independent film went on to great success, playing in Midnight Screenings across the country for years on end. Day of the Dead is the third entry of the Living Dead series. Considered by fanboys as a trilogy, Romero would continue to expand upon his universe with several more movies in recent years. While sequel Dawn of the Dead gets most of the…

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