deconstructing trailers: NOW YOU SEE ME 2

Mission: Impossible meets David Copperfield by way of Fast & Furious. That’s right your favourite magicians turned heisters: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Mark Ruffalo return to the mayhem and fun. The original Now You See Me was a surprisingly good action / thriller hybrid. It mixed fun characters with a ridiculous heist, while moving along at a decent clip and keeping the action exciting.

This time out Lizzy Caplan teams up with the Horsemen crew of “noble Robin Hoods.” She’s never headlined a film before, but she’s stolen more than a few scenes in her young career. You may remember her from stuff like True Blood, Masters of Sex, and the controversial comedy The Interview. Caplan is sure to add some laughs to the proceedings.

The trailer showcases a few cool illusions already. Some actually make you scratch your head – like Freeman says, “If you think you’ve seen it all, take another look.” One trick in particular made it seem like Eisenberg could control the weather, putting the rain on pause. However, with “another look” maybe it’s just the director getting all stylish with his flashbacks, weaving the camera around during a paused moment.

Another rad illusion was during a narrow marketplace foot-chase, when the enemy smashed into an invisible glass barrier. The best trick was when Eisenberg falls back in the rain, into a large puddle. He disappears, with only his clothes Left Behind. Is this a religious thing? Where’s Kirk Cameron? Jokes, folks. Jokes.

NERD ALERT: Eisenberg has a shaved head. Does this confirm that he does indeed portray a bald Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman v Superman? The only photos so far show Eisenberg with long hair. Just sayin’.

What’s best about the original was how our magicians use their sleight of hand, dexterity, and incredible wits to outmatch their opponents. In this trailer, for example, we see Franco use playing cards like projectile weapons – Hadouken style. The best card/shuriken toss was the one that bounced off the floor first, skipping into the enemy.

Although this is just a brief one minute teaser, it crams a lot into the small package. The final cameo moment could very well be its best. Daniel Radcliffe is revealed (as the big bad baddie?) tossing a playing card, curving it like a bullet in Wanted, from one hand to the next. He obnoxiously says, “Ta-daaa!” This is definitely a clever bit of casting, bringing everyone’s favourite wizard into the world of Vegas Magic tricks.

The trailer for Now You See Me 2 promises more of the same – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Those that enjoyed the fun and excitement of the original look to be in good hands with the sequel.

Stay tuned for an upcoming full length trailer in the coming months.

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