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ALIEN is one of the best horror movies ever made. Check out what Ridley Scott was up to decades before THE MARTIAN.

Enjoy the Moment.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Alien(1979) – The Nostromo, a space mining vessel, answers a distress call on a strange alien planet. They bring aboard a deadly creature that threatens the entire crew.

HOW IT STARTS: The crew discovers some alien eggs near an abandoned otherworldly space ship.

20th Century Fox

THE PREFACE: Ridley Scott is in the headlines again with the $55 million debut of his sci-fi movie The Martian. His success began with this legendary horrifying science fiction film, Alien. Stylishly filmed with an emphasis on a dreadful atmosphere, this horror film rises above the genre. Sci-fi and horror are not normally taken seriously, especially decades ago when this amazing film debuted. Scott changed the game by taking his story seriously. The unique and desolate setting of outer space elevated what is essentially a hybrid of a haunted house and a monster movie.

20th Century Fox

Although, the story…

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3 thoughts on “CINEMA REMEMBERED: Alien and the FACE HUGGER Moment

  1. Sean begged me to watch this with him, but we didn’t get very far into it. I certainly am not familiar with this. I should probably give it another go, shouldn’t I? Damn you and your persuasiveness! I will have Sean mail you a thank you card.

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