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Episode 2, “STRONGER TOGETHER”, begins with a training exercise ripped right out of Tony Stark’s playground. The Secret Alien Agency tests Kara’s abilities against missiles, until news comes in about an oil tanker catastrophe. Before she flies off, the charming Melissa Benoist delivers a perky familiar quip, “This sounds like a job for Supergirl.”

We watch our hero use a few of her powers in this exciting opening, saving a disaster from getting much worse. Of course the media isn’t so kind about it. Kara hilariously reflects, “I went from superhero to eco-terrorist in a single bound.”

The playful dialogue and Benoist’s affable delivery are just some of the reasons to tune in to SUPERGIRL each week. Check the Series Premiere review for more.

Let’s go over some of the highlights.

This week’s obstacle has Kara’s boss, Kat, demanding a sit-down one-on-one interview with Supergirl. Calista Flockhart is great as Kara’s demanding superior. She refers to Supergirl “saving lives in the sloppiest way imaginable.” Our hero’s alter ego office assistant isn’t fairing much better. Kat warns Kara to get her “head out of the clouds.” Duh-dum, chhhh. 

Meanwhile… the baddie of the week is a Guillermo Del Toro BLADE 2 looking vampire monster thingie, with a Venus Flytrap for a mouth. Kara will team up with her sister, Alex, to track down the villain Mulder & Scully style. The effects and creature design were pretty impressive for a small scale television show.

It makes you wonder what they have in store for the rest of the season – bigger badder baddies perhaps? Like a Doomsday? Now that would be an epic story to tell on serialized television.

Actually, Alex plays a big role this episode. She trains Kara to fight against an opponent who is an equal match. Alex’s Special Agency has a secret Kryptonite Danger Room to fight in – although, it’s probably intended as a prison, should Kara get unruly. This leads to a cool Mr. Miyagi type training montage.

By the way, her sister has probably been waiting for this day for a while. Like any good sibling would want, she can finally get back at Kara for all the annoying things she did growing up.

The training idea is reinforced with Kat at work. She voices her fear that Supergirl may bite off more than she can chew. She isn’t ready for real disaster. If she can’t avert an oil spill, what will the caped crusader do when a meteor strikes?

Kara takes this to heart. She assembles her team of Alex, Wynn, and Jimmy Olsen to cue a montage: crime fighting style. Her friends helps by using police scanners to guide our hero as she fights crime.

The best highlight from the montage was when Supergirl puts her palm up against a shotgun and takes the blast.

Supergirl will need to prepare herself for what’s coming. Her Kryptonian Aunt, General Astra, has arrived on Earth and she wants National City for herself, even if she has to defeat her own flesh and blood to get it.

This battle will be a difficult one, as her mother’s twin learned to fight on Krypton, and is more versed in her super powers than the inexperienced Kara is.

The biggest difference between Supergirl and Superman is she lived on Krypton. While Kara is not as experienced as her Aunt, she has more knowledge of her planet than The Man of Steel does. She can remember what it was like there. More importantly, Kara remembers the culture.

Her advanced knowledge may provide an upper-hand in some areas that are weak for Supes. The other compelling idea is we have the opportunity to learn more about the alien home-world in future episodes.

The action scenes were pretty exciting. Not only did we get the strange creature, we also got a fight with Astra by the end. Of course, the head of the Secret Alien Agency steps in Deus Ex Machina style to save the day at the last second with a Krpyonite Blade.

Astra escapes… with the blade – assuredly only to learn more about it and develop a weapon against Kara later on. This brief encounter promises a larger fight by the end of the season.

Now, Kara is convinced she needs to train more with Alex. The best joke of the episode comes from Kara’s ass-kicking sister. When she squares off against the alien vampire in a human body, it mocks the human race. Alex fires back, “You know what else this species has?” She kicks him in between the legs with an answer: “Those.”

This is just one reason Kara turns to Alex for help. Supergirl says, “Show me how to fight. Train me to be as good as you.” Alex deadpan replies, “I’ll make you better.” Watching this evolution in the coming episodes should be lots of fun.

Before the episode ends Alex talks to Kara about Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. He brought something for her, so she can have a similar place to reflect. There’s a computer hologram of Kara’s mother waiting for her to ask whatever she pleases.

In a touching moment, Kara asks for a hug. Her mother replies, “I am not programmed to do that.” Kara stands firm, “Then tell me about Astra.”

The episode ends with Supergirl picking up Kat’s car and flying it to the top of a skyscraper. Next episode: Interview time. She’s not only doing this for herself, but also to help out Jimmy – who she’s beginning to have feelings for.

Oh, and one more thing… Cliffhanger time. Alex’s boss turns towards the camera and his eyes flash red. Is he being manipulated by someone? Is he a robot? Or is he fanboy favourite: The Martian Manhunter?

Stay tuned for more… coming soon.

Check out the review of the SERIES PREMIERE.


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