CINEMA REMEMBERED: Edward Scissorhands and the HOLD ME, I CAN’T Moment

Halloween just passed, and Christmas is around the corner (or today if you go to an already decorated store). EDWARD SCISSORHANDS blends the 2 holidays in a Tim Burton twisted kind of way.

Check out this article from my weeky column over at the one stop geek spot THAT MOMENT IN.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Edward Scissorhands (1990) – A man created by science discovers his true self in this amazingly cinematic and heart-felt story which perfectly blends fantasy, romance, and comedy.

HOW IT STARTS: After escaping from danger, Edward is overwhelmed and confused. In a truly emotional Moment, he seeks out the girl he loves.

20th Century Fox

THE PREFACE: This dark yet beautiful Tim Burton fairy tale is like Beauty & The Beast meets Frankenstein. Johnny Depp stars as the childish Edward – a man created by science. Unfortunately, his creator (the legendary Vincent Price) dies before he can complete the experiment. The result is Edward has scissors for hands instead. Once you go along with this magical premise, you are on board for a sensational fantasy that will touch even the coldest of hearts.

20th Century Fox

Dianne Weist portrays an Avon Lady who comes calling to Edward’s…

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13 thoughts on “CINEMA REMEMBERED: Edward Scissorhands and the HOLD ME, I CAN’T Moment

      1. Awww. It’s okay. Sometimes that’s what I want out of a movie, even if I don’t know it at the time.

        As a teen, this story really spoke to me. I had acne and thought no one would ever “hold me”… like poor Ed… the scissors were like a metaphor for any “disfigurement.” Since I was young, this parallel made the character easier to relate to.

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      2. Your comment made me a bit sad so I’m sure I’ll cry a river when watching the movie.
        I hope you were completely WRONG and many people held you (and keep holding you 🙂 )

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      3. Thanks so much, Paola. Too kind. Lucikly, not all girls were as shallow as I feared. And once I finished puberty, getting those hugs was a little easier. New confidence helped most. But watching Edward Scissorhands is kinda like getting a hug 😉

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