deconstructing the new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – Final Trailer

Wow. How many of you tuned into NFL half-time just to watch the latest STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS? That’s exactly what I did. I pressed pause on the Blue Jays game and switched over to get my nerdy little mind blown… and I’m still picking up the pieces.

This brand new trailer sent geek-infused shrapnel ripping through my post-coital face.

The whole trailer was new images. We were inundated with awesomeness. We saw heard the characters talk for the first time… Kylo Ren sounded weird though – a little cheesy cliched fake deep voice. I’m sure there’s a reason for this, and wouldn’t be surprised if the audio will change in the final product.

We also got our first look at Leia! I think we revisited the once opulent coliseum where Leia awarded our heroes at the end of the original Episode. These ruins were overgrown now. Did the Rebels abandon all their outposts since the battle of Endor?

A lot has changed since we last visited this universe. You really get an idea that war was on hiatus and now it’s back full force. There were several large-scale X-Wing vs TIE Fighter battles that got me cheering at the screen, like there was a touchdown or something.

STAR WARS is my NFL. And now it feels like playoff season. The Finals (a.k.a. The Premiere) is so close you can taste it.

This trailer definitely got my nerdy taste buds salivating. There was a better sense that Daisy Ridley’s character could be the main hero for this new trilogy. She might even be training John Boyega’s character in the ways of The Force. Ridley might just be more aware and open-minded about this supposed ancient mystical magic, but not a Jedi or anything.

We have to wait to catch our first look at Luke, but I’m pretty happy that we have to wait for this reveal. I want it in the proper context, with a movie worth of set-up. I’m expecting him not to appear until the third act, or near the end of FORCE AWAKENS. These new characters take precedence.

The few looks we got at Oscar Isaac’s pilot character were pretty intriguing. It looked like Kylo Ren used The Force on him, perhaps manipulating him or torturing him for information like good ol’ Darth Vader would do.

A real highlight was when Isaac passed Boyega on the battlefield. He went towards his X-Wing, while Boyega went with the infantry. War is coming to STAR WARS. This is going to be epic!

I’ll end this on Han Solo. We get another brief look at our favourite wise-cracking smuggler. In the original trilogy, Solo wasn’t so sold on the whole Jedi thing. He mocked them as wizards. It took some convincing, but eventually he saw the Force in full effect.

In this trailer, Solo looks like he’s trying to convince the rookies that Jedi were real, and so were the legends of defeating the Empire. I’m sure Han won’t forget to remind them of his part in the victory… and maybe even embellish it a bit before Chewbacca busts him for bending the truth.

December couldn’t come quick enough. Die hard fans like me have been waiting a long time for a return to STAR WARS done right. JJ Abrams looks to have achieved the impossible… win back all those fans who were burnt by the latest trilogy.

 Stay tuned for more. I’ll update once the trailer hits online and I can watch it again. 

UPDATE: TRAILER just hit online – new images coming soon!

More UPDATES on the way.

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9 thoughts on “deconstructing the new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – Final Trailer

    1. Right there with ya, brother. Early ticket sales broke the Interne and broke so many records. 1 day, $6.5 million on Imax, breaking the record by $5.5 million. Wow! If any movie can beat Avatar it’s this one.


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