Consider This: The Return of Blockbuster Practical Effects Will Change CGI For the Better

Here is the latest Consider This editorial from me and David over at THAT MOMENT IN. This edition we tackle the use of practical FX vs CGI. We talk Mad Max, Jurassic Park, The Thing, and E.T. I hope you enjoy our geeky impassioned analysis.

That Moment

Consider This is a strictly editorial opinion segment featuring personal examinations and thoughts on the state of film. Nothing more.

Left: Ray Harryhausen Right: Peter Jackson Left: Ray Harryhausen Right: Peter Jackson with Naomi Watts and Andy Serkis

Thesis: Filmmakers have long struggled with how best to bring their vision to the screen. Special effects, an industry term for how an imagined moment in a story is created and presented, have been a staple of movie making since it began. From it’s start, practical effects were the only option, with creative artists using camera tricks and optical illusions to generate believable (or often not) scenarios to fool viewers into believing what they are watching is real. Then along came the computer and though it took decades, the use of CGI (computer generated images) has become the commonly used tool for creating more complex visual effects. So much so, that it has dominated the industry’s blockbuster…

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