CINEMA REMEMBERED: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the MOST TRIUMPHANT TIME LOOP Moment

Enjoy another edition of CINEMA REMEMBERED, my weekly column over at the most triumphant magazine style movie website. THAT MOMENT IN.

This totallly non-heinous edition is a little more light-hearted but still super nerdy. Enjoy the Moment!

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) – Two dim-witted high-schoolers travel through time, borrowing famous historical figures so they can pass their History finals.

Enjoy the Moment!

HOW IT STARTS: Abraham Lincoln is detained behind bars. Ted’s dad is the jailer. In order to not flunk most heinously, our time travelling heroes must discover a way to break in and set the President free.

Orion Pictures

THE PREFACE:Keanu Reeves portrays Ted Theodore Logan, Alex Winters portrays Bill S. Preston, Esqurie… and together they are Wyld Stallyns – a rock band that currently sucks, but one day in the future their music will save the human race. But first, they totally have to not fail their History class. It’ll be hard, since these dim bulbs think Joan Of Arc is “Noah‘s Wife” and Julius Caesar is “a salad dressing dude.”

Rufus (comedic legend George Carlin) is sent from the future to ensure…

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