Oscar worthy movies begin to roll out this month, after successfully debuting in film festivals around the world. Amongst these buzzed about movies are some fun genre flicks.

This listing will highlight the best options for September for fans of cinema and fans of popcorn. Each selection is accompanied by a quick nerdy blurb.

Most anticipated films are followed by on the fence inclusions and a few noteworthy movies I’m just not interested in.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.



Johnny Depp stars in the true story of gangster / FBI informant, Whitey Bulger. Depp looks like a return to form in this serious role already getting Oscar buzz from early screenings. This feels like a Scorsese thriller. Co-starring Joel Edgerton in a supposedly scene-stealing role, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Juno Temple.

If you only see one movie in September, this one should be the best option. A great pick to satisfy the general film going public, critics, and nerdy cinephiles.

Sept. 18


Jake Gyllenhaal leads this impressive ensemble cast in a true story of survival on one of the world’s most deadliest mountains. After reaching the summit, the team of climbers encounter a vicious storm. Showing in 3D Imax, this adventure is sure to be a grand spectacle packed with astounding stuntwork.

Sept. 18


Eli Roth’s long delayed cannibal horror finally hits the screens. Horror fans will automatically envision this as a contemporary retelling of cult classic exploitation Video Nasty CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. The frighteningly real scenario should scare the crap out of the audience, especially with horror master Roth guiding the proceedings. That trailer was not only visually striking, but also absolutely terrifying.

Sept. 25 (limited release)


Emily Blunt stars as a border patrol agent in this complex adult thriller involving corrupt government agencies and freelancing hitmen. Blunt must decide which side to choose, and which actions are acceptable for the greater good of American society. Denis Villeneuve (director of ENEMY and PRISONERS) is a real highlight, as are supporting actors Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro.

Sept. 25 (limited release)


Robert Zemeckis always pushes the boundaries of technology, directing such projects as BACK TO THE FUTURE, CASTAWAY, BEOWULF, THE POLAR EXPRESS, CONTACT, and FOREST GUMP. His work here looks just as impressive. Imagine this on the dizzying heights of 3D Imax. The true story follows a daring French madman crossing a tightrope between the Twin Towers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the daredevil in this thrilling drama based on the Oscar winning documentary, MAN ON WIRE.

Sept. 30 



Robert Redford stars alongside Nick Nolte in this GRUMPY OLD MEN-esque comedic drama about old friends reconnecting on a hike through nature. Could be a funny piece of light entertainment. (Sept. 4)


Sanaa Lathan (LOVE & BASKETBALL) stars in this sexy thriller as a woman torn between two different men. The dialogue free trailer not only steamed things up, but also made the movie seem pretty intense. This could be one of those fun movies you yell at the screen with. (Sept. 11)


M. Night Shyamalan returns to horror. This low budget film looks to balance the scares with the laughs. It seems like a contemporary retelling of HANSEL & GRETEL. (Sept. 11)


David Oyewolo (SELMA) stars alongside Kate Mara (HOUSE OF CARDS, FANTASTIC 4) in this drama / thriller about a recovering addict held hostage in her own apartment. She must find a way to talk down this Most Wanted Man. (Sept. 18)


This could be a fun bmovie about teachers (Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson. and Alison Pill) trying to survive a horde of infected children who’ve been turned into crazed monsters. (Sept. 18)


This Young Adult sequel looks to be action packed. Whereas a lot of these YA flicks focus on romantic relationships, this one aims its sights on intense action. The first was one was a surprise for the sub-genre. (Sept. 18)


Two twin brothers are trapped in their isolated home with their mother, covered in bandages after surgery. These 9 year olds suspect that this isn’t really their Mommy. Sounds like spooky Midnight Screening type stuff. If done well, this could be a new cult classic. (Sept. 25: limited)


Lilly Tomlin stars in this indie character piece. Her granddaughter shows up and needs money before sundown. They visit old friends and dig up some secrets along the way. (Sept. 25: limited)


Scary trick-r-treaters terrorize a teenager on Halloween. It’s hard to tell which b-movies will be good based off trailers. After all, trailers can make any movie look good. However, this could be one of those horror flicks worth the risk. (Sept. 25: limited)


Ryan Reynolds stars in this indie thriller, alongside Ben Mendelsohn and Sienna Miller. Turns out there’s a legendary poker game going on in New Orleans. These gamblers road trip it, planning to buy their way into the game. With familiar concepts, it all comes down to execution – thus, the fence. (Sept. 25: limited)


Tobey Maguire plays a grown up Bobby Fischer – the chess master – going toe to toe against a Russian champion (Liev Schreiber) in a legendary match. (Sept. 25: limited)


This true story of the Stonewall riots is directed by Roland Emmerich (INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2012 — a.k.a. “Say whaaaat?”). The setting is the late 60s Greenwich Village, the community is young and gay, while the Stonewall of the title is the local watering hole run by the mafia. Tensions erupt. This activism-based film should be an important one, but the director makes me hesitate. Will this verge into melodrama? That said, the action could be really exciting and aim to please the crowd.


What do you think?

the poster for CAPTIVE… is this a must see?

Should we be anticipating one film over the other? Did I miss one you’re looking forward to?

Leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “SLIP/cuts: New THEATRICAL RELEASES – September

  1. Pawn Sacrifice and Mississippi Grind have been getting great reviews. Been looking forward to Pawn Sacrifice for a while. Probably a return to form for Elijah Wood. Definitely stoked for Black Mass, Sicario and Everest.


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