Women in Film: The Power of Sex and Independence in the Enduring Legacy of Pam Grier

This is a great editorial from Brittni over at THAT MOMENT IN, celebrating 70s blaxpoitation star, Pam Grier. Right on! Check it out, so if you don’t know, now you know.

That Moment In.com

No conversation about strong women in film would be complete without mention of Pam Grier, the foremost iconic actress of the blaxploitation film era of the 1970’s. Grier began her acting career while still in college, and although majoring in film, she didn’t actually intend to pursue acting. Following her film debut in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls(1970), in which she had only a minor role, she was discovered by writer/director Jack Hill while working at American International Pictures as a receptionist paying her way through college.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.05.54 AM Pam Grier


The term blaxploitation refers to a subgenre of film in which African American culture is exploited, particularly in terms of common stereotypes. Grier simultaneously embodies the stereotype and transcends it in her portrayals of strong and independent women in action film roles, the type of roles that traditionally had gone to men in years previous…

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