CINEMA REMEMBERED: Magnolia and the “WISE UP” Moment

Another week, another edition of CINEMA REMEMBERED… my weekly column over at THAT MOMENT IN. This time I tackle one of my favourite Paul Thomas Anderson films, MAGNOLIA.

That Moment

THIS WEEK:Magnolia (1999). A strange tale of tightly woven storylines and entangled characters, examining the unusual coincidences in life.

Enjoy the moment.

New Line Cinema

HOW IT STARTS: Earl Partridge (Jason Robards) is on his deathbed. He wants to take some control and end his life. Phil Parma (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is his caretaker tasked with helping the dying man. The scene then shifts to a woman, Claudia Gator (Melora Walters), equally distraught, who starts singing Aimee Mann‘s “Wise Up.”

THE PREFACE: This is a complicated movie with complex themes and multi-dimensional characters. The movie begins with a narrator telling us remarkable tales of coincidence. Magnolia will be another such tale, too strange to believe, but it happened none-the-less. It’s hard to break the entire film down simply. So, I’m aiming my focus specifically on That Moment.

New Line Cinema

Robards is the dying father…

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