That Sneak Peek Moment In: The H8ful Eight Trailer

This new THAT MOMENT IN series sees me unite with Team Captain, David, as we tackle the greatest Moments in the latest trailers.

The first edition spotlights Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Hateful Eight. Enjoy the Sneak Peek Moment!

That Moment

FILM: H8tful Eight (2015)

What we know so far:

A Western set some time after the American Civil War, eight people take refuge in a stagecoach stopover during a sudden blizzard, where two in the group are a bounty hunter and the bounty he caught, a young female murderer, though it appears he is not the only bounty hunter.

Watch the Trailer:


DavidIt’s Quentin Tarantino so there’s some obvious curiosity as he is truly one of this generation’s greatest visionary directors. While I was somewhat disappointed with his last effort, Django Unchained, the premise for this film is intriguing and the setting is ripe for some suspense, both trademarks of the director. That said, I am on the fence. I really like the casting of Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh especially, but admit that I am exhausted with Samuel L. Jackson’s presence in every…

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2 thoughts on “That Sneak Peek Moment In: The H8ful Eight Trailer

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jay… I agree. Leigh could see a career rejuvenation, like Travolta did in Pulp. What do you think? I’m already liking the dark (gallows) humour from her character. I hope the next trailer gets you more excited.


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