CINEMA REMEMBERED: To Kill A Mockingbird and The ATTICUS SHOOTS Moment

This edition of my weekly THAT MOMENT IN column takes it way back to the black & whites, taking aim on one of cinema’s most iconic characters.

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That Moment

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THIS WEEK: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962): A widowed lawyer juggles raising his children in the backwards South, with defending a Black man accused of rape.

Enjoy the moment.

HOW IT STARTS: A rabid dog strolls down the street, towards Atticus and his children.

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THE PREFACE: Gregory Peck portrays one of cinema’s best heroes ever, in one of the best movies of all time. He plays Atticus Finch, a widowed lawyer raising his little children in Alabama during the Depression. The story focuses on his young precocious tom-boy daughter, Scout, and how she sees the world. Atticus has already taught her well. She’s reading and writing before her first day of school. Fortunately, his lessons didn’t end there.

Racism was very prevalent during this period of history. Black people were treated as lesser in this community. However, Atticus is outside the norm. He isn’t prejudice, and he’s taught his children to…

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