CINEMA REMEMBERED: Watchmen (2009) and the MEMORIES ON MARS Moment

Enjoy this article from my weekly column CINEMA REMEMBERED over at THAT MOMENT IN. This week’s edition examines a moment from one of the best comic book movie adaptions THE WATCHMEN. The film is full of complex characters and complex themes.

Enjoy the moment.

That Moment

THIS WEEK: Watchmen (2009). A former superhero group is hunted down and assassinated, one by one. Complex relationships intertwine in a tightly woven introspective mystery.

HOW IT STARTS: Dr. Manhattan brings Silk Spectre to Mars, where she tries to convince him to return to Earth and save the human race.

THE PREFACE: Zack Snyder directs one of the best comic-book adaptions of all time. It’s not just because of Snyder’s hyper visualization–story-boarded by Alan Moore’s comic-book–or because of the most excellent musical choices. WATCHMEN is such a faithful and successful adaption because of its dense subject matter, which somehow remained in tact despite being a big budget Hollywood picture.

Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre

WATCHMEN is intended for adults. Its complex themes, theoretical science, and dark philosophy create a universe based on realism. There’s also intelligent deconstruction on the concept of time. Basically, this comic book flick is complicated…

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5 thoughts on “CINEMA REMEMBERED: Watchmen (2009) and the MEMORIES ON MARS Moment

      1. You’re so right… i get it, this movie is not for everyone, we don’t mean that in a film snobby kind of way…

        once more people get more comfortable with superhero movies, they’ll probably appreciate Watchmen more, since they’ll be more accustomed to cliches and tropes of the genre… I could see new fans discovering and appreciating this movie in like 5 years, like “Dude, have you heard of Watchmen? Someone starts killing off retired heroes, 1 by 1.”

        As far as the quantum physic stuff, that’s always interesting, even though it’s hard to wrap your head around.

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