This week on TRUE DETECTIVE we get some undercover work and another step closer to solving the mystery. It started off with the resolution to last week’s cliffhanger.

Colin Farrell knocked on Vince Vaughn’s door ready to confront him on the truth. He knows the man he killed for revenge was the wrong man. Vaughn gave him the wrong information. They have a really intense conversation over coffee. Both men have guns drawn under the kitchen table, like a Wild West stand-off.

Farrell was full anger, boiling with rage, as he says, “I sold my soul for nothing!” Vaughn plays a brilliant social game, countering with, “Didn’t you use that man to become what you’ve become.” He continues, “I didn’t set you up. And I ain’t your suicide ticket.”

They settle the debate with Vaughn promising to find out who gave the name of rapist, if Farrell brings him the missing hard drive.

Meanwhile, Taylor Kitsch tracks down the case of the blue diamonds. Someone stole them from Casper’s and pawned them. They think it was Leto’s girlfriend. Now these just have to track her down.

Kitsch soon learns that the diamonds were originally stolen back in ’92 during the Riots. The video footage was also stolen back then suggesting a modus operandi. It seems like cops could have taken advantage of the looting situation and pulled of a blue diamond heist.

NERD ALERT 2000: Is the real murderer one of these men? Do they connect to Farrell’s cop father and McAdams’ Guru father and the spiritual community decades ago? If it’s not Vince Vaughn, maybe it’s connected to families, and the show’s tagline “We get the life we deserve” mashed up with the old saying “Sins of the father.”

Is Vince connected to these dirty cops of yesteryear?


Meanwhile… Rachel McAdams works her side of the case, trying to find the missing girl, Vera, who attended some sort of high class sex parties. In order to solve the case, McAdams will have to go undercover as a Working Girl.

She gets some tips from her sister during a super bad-ass knife training session. McAdams slices at the air, stabbing and slashing the post like Daniel-San in the original KARATE KID did during his 80s training montage.

Sister warns McAdams, “Once you get on that bus, it’s f**k or run.” This is serious. What kind of party is this?

Back to Farrell… He’s trying to spend some quality time with his son. Unfortunately, this is a supervised visit with a social worker. Farrell is in danger of losing custody. There’s a paternity test in the works. Farrell insists no matter what, this is his son.

He later talks with his wife after a binge of drugs and alcohol, he says he’ll stay out of their lives if his son never learns of the paternity results. This sequence was really emotional, adding further dimension to this complex character.

Farrell also had a brief strong encounter with the real rapist in jail. He’s cold blooded here, as he simply says, “I thought I killed you.” The man has no idea who Farrell is, but now he’ll live out the rest of his sentence in even more fear. This was a powerful moment for sure.

Meanwhile… Vaughn tries to find the girl who sold the diamonds. He wants that missing hard drive. He makes a deal with the Mexican drug cartel if they bring him the girl. They do. Kind of. Vaughn is led to a vacant lot where she is waiting, executed. The Mexicans remind Vaughn of the deal, even though he can’t get any information out of her.

Since I have that super out-there theory that Vaughn murdered Casper, I’m thinking he was probably going to kill her anyway. But at least he would be one step closer to finding that footage that might somehow point to his involvement in Casper’s murder.

For the finale, McAdams dresses up, looking “expensive” like her sister advised. This is McAdams in full on Agent Diabolique mode, codenamed “Athena“. She’s accepted into the party, joining a long line of escorts.

One by one, they are given pure “Molly” to keep them high and help them enjoy the night’s events. We experience the party from McAdams point of view, as she gets groggy and disoriented walking through a maze of orgiastic EYES WIDE SHUT type behaviour.

The trippiest and most revealing moment was when McAdams saw a vision from the past. I’m guessing this is a commune member who molested here. I hope this man wasn’t respected by her Guru father and allowed to do this. We’ll have to wait to see how this develops.

It isn’t long before “Athena” gets scooped up by a rich older man. The drugs are really kicking in. She’s getting sick. She makes for a bathroom, where she miracously finds their missing girl, Vera. She bolts for the exit with Vera in tow.

McAdams is grabbed by a guard. She draws a stolen blade. In a blind fury she slashes each vital area. The large brute doesn’t even feel it. He’s choking out McAdams, she’s almost passed out, when the man finally realizes he’s bleeding to death and succumbs to his wounds.

Kitsch, from an earlier episode

Farrell and Kitsch clear the perimeter as their partner works inside. They take out a guard, before Kitsch sneaks inside to steal some documents. Before they get busted, Farrelll savagely pistol whips a guard over and over.

Next thing you know, they’re all reunited and on the run. McAdams has Vera, while Farrell snatches up an escape vehicle. Kitsch joins the women and they dive into the car just in time for a shootout and chase sequence set to jazzy Noir trumpets.

The episode ends on a high point. Those documents Kitsch stole are contracts, filled with signatures. Our heroes are one step closer… to the edge. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in the remaining episodes.

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