The lethal shootout last episode greatly affected our heroes. This episode jumps forward in time by several months. Our main trio are all in very different places now. The only thing that’s the same is they are still haunted by Casper’s mysterious murder.

Colin Farrell’s character resigned from the force. He’s clean-shaven now, working for Vince Vaughn’s character. In an interesting parallel, Farrell and Vaughn are both packing boxes. Farrell is moving out, while Vaughn is moving in.

Farrell is dealing with his custody trial, when he realizes that he really isn’t his son’s paternal father. In fact, the man he killed to avenge his wife’s rape, wasn’t the right man either. Vaughn played him.

Meanwhile, Rachel McAdams is dealing with the repurcusions of her sexual misconduct. Instead of working in the field, she’s assigned to the evidence locker, working a desk.

This episode, she eventually connects some dots regarding the Casper mystery. She learns of parties, and plans to go undercover as an escort. She learns more from her sister and discovers that blue diamonds were involved. Maybe her job at evidence will come in handy?

Taylor Kitsch’s character was commended for his involvement in the shootout. His bravery in the face of danger saved the day. He was promoted to detective working insurance fraud.

Meanwhile, he visits the woman at the trailer park. Turns out she’s his mom. And she spent all the money he stashed there years ago. The money is somehow connected to his work in Afghanistan, where he got horribly scarred.

Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend is getting suspicious of his gangster activity. She asks him about his money making schemes. She knows drugs or something are involved. This prying of specific answers made me wonder if she was wearing a wire or something. That would be interesting.

That one image from the credits has a red-haired woman behind a camera. Imagine if she’s the one who stole the camera footage from Casper’s? Is she planning to blackmail Vaughn if all doesn’t go according to her plan?

A lot of themes parallel one another in TRUE DETECTIVE. Vaughn is trying to have a son. Farrell is trying to keep his son. They both debate how legitimate raising your child is and how it doesn’t matter if they’re blood or not. Kitsch’s girlfriend is also pregnant.

It seems like there is subtext to support the nature vs nurture debate. It makes me think of the series tagline: “We get the world we deserve.”

Farrell and McAdams have been putting together the puzzle with those new photos, they’re closer to finding the murderer. However, they’re going to need someone who can actually investigate the case. Kitsch needs to be in the field anyways, he’s wasted working fraud. It also turns out that the state is beginning to investigate the collusion across several agencies trying to cover-up Casper’s murder.

The episode ended with Kitsch and McAdams in the field. They take to a forest and find a cabin sprayed with blood. Carrion birds circle in the sky above. There’s a body out there.

Before we fade to black, Farrell knocks on Vaughn’s door. Farrell looks destroyed, angered, and ready for answers. He tells Vaughn, “We need to talk.” I’m thinking Vaughn is wondering, “About what?” He’s done so much wrong.

Farrell is actually thinking about the supposed rapist Vaughn told him about. But I’m still sticking to my guns… I think Vaughn killed Casper (check earlier reviews). He might just be thinking, “Does Farrell know?”

All these paths are set to collide, and I can’t wait to watch them crash.

What do you think?

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