SLIP/flix: 10 From My NETFLIX Queue – July

There are so many good movies added to Netflix each month. It’s hard to filter through all these selections and decide what’s the best to watch. Depending on your mood, I think I have you covered.

I love all sorts of movies. I like to see the big blockbusters on the big screen, so you might see some smaller films listed here. I’m no film snob either, I like my sci-fi and action right up there with artsy cinema and documentaries.

Here is a list of 10 movies from my Netflix queue. Let me know if I should add something else. If you enjoyed one of these films I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you can help me out too?


Tucker does stand-up in his first concert film ever. It’s surprising he never took to the stage before. Tucker made it big in RUSH HOUR with Jackie Chan, but my favourite performance of his is still as Smokey in the cult classic FRIDAY. I’m not sure if this will stack up with Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock, but I’m looking forward to this Netflix exclusive.


Michael Pitt stars in this serious approach to sci-fi. I think these scientists are trying to prove the human soul exists alongside with reincarnation. He’s on a search to find a girl with same specific eye pattern as someone who died before. It’d be like finding someone with your fingerprints.

This interesting concept drives the film, but I’m also looking forward to watching another BRIT MARLING performance. She’s a great rising talent, and creative behind the lens too. Check out ANOTHER EARTH if you’re curious.



This Korean action flick looks like John Woo meets JOHN WICK. Asian cinema has several amazing actions flicks that have outdone Hollywood already. Contemporary American action is filled with special FX, and frenetic close-up editing. From the trailer, this looks like some widescreen full-frame destruction.


I’ve been meaning to watch this documentary for a while now. It focuses on the turmoil of the Middle East and the rebellion on the rise. I think this follows protesters as they struggle for rights and freedoms. I think this Netflix original was also award nominated.


I loved Greta Gerwig in Ben Stiller’s GREENBERG. This talented actress directed this black and white talkie. It gives off this Woody Allen vibe. Every now and again I get in the mood for a stripped down character story, from what I’ve heard this is a great option if you get that same feeling sometimes.

Let me know if you’ve seen this. I’ve been waiting too long to get around to this queued up flick.


Big budge Asian special FX adventure. This one stars Donnie Yen (IRON MONKEY, IP MAN) as a warrior from long ago who thaws out in the present. It looks like we’ll get some ancient warrior battles on horseback and such, alongside the fish out water comedic elements in modern times. I can’t tell from the trailer if this is just going to be stupid and goofy, or if it will actually be fun.


This documentary follows background singers as they try to break into the music business with their own solo career. It has a lot of good press and some award nominations behind it. I usually enjoy music docs because they get into the creative process. I really like seeing an artist express themselves. This should be a good underdog story.


This looks like some B-Movie goodness, combining horror elements with silly comedy. It could be the movie WARM BODIES wanted to be. I really like the cast here too. We get comedy veteran John C. Reilly, and young rising stars Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza. Could this be John Hughes meets THE WALKING DEAD? It looks like a lot of gory fun.


Brie Larson stars in this indie hidden gem. This looks to be another character study focused on performance and emotion. It’s rare not to know the whole story before going into a movie, but here is a case where I don’t know anything. I’d like to keep it that way, so when I dive into this story I have no idea where it will go.


Pedro Almodovar is one of my favourite foreign directors. He’s dabbled in every genre. And now it’s horror’s turn. I’m sure this will have some rich subtext and thematic exploration, but I’m more excited for how this cinematic auteur handles the genre. I’m expecting a disturbing Hitchockian tale. It will also be interesting to see Antonio Banderas as a deranged psychopath(?).

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “SLIP/flix: 10 From My NETFLIX Queue – July

  1. Great list. I’ve seen a few but these are all on my queue as well. 20 Feet From Stardom got a little preachy at the end but was still fascinating and I lost interest in I, Origins. I’m really looking forward to Life After Beth.

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      1. Yup, while a lot of Korean films are overly stylized and their comedies don’t hit the mark for me, the gritty dramas are some of the best every made.

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