Cinema Remembered: Blade Runner and the Origami Unicorn Moment

That Moment In focuses on the best moments in movie history. My weekly column there decontructs pivotal moments. It’s been a really exciting project thus far. Check out for more.

My first article Remembered one of my favourite films ever: BLADE RUNNER. Enjoy the moment.

That Moment

Welcome to CINEMA REMEMBERED:  Remembering the Best Moments in Film, So You Don’t Have To. I’m Dan, a fellow movie nerd from SLIP/THROUGH – a movie site highlighting the stuff you don’t want to slip through the cracks.

THIS WEEK:  Blade Runner (1982). A policeman hunts down “Replicants” in this sci-fi action adventures that redefined the genre.

Enjoy The Moment.

 This Week: Blade Runner and the Origami Unicorn Moment


HOW IT STARTS: Deckard receives a sympathetic comment regarding Rachel, “It’s too bad she won’t live… but then again, who does?”

THE PREFACE: Legendary director Ridley Scott brought cyberpunk to the mainstream with BLADE RUNNER, the best science fiction film of all time. This phenomenal cult classic is remembered for combining hallucinatory atmosphere and visuals with deep philosophical ideas. On the surface, this movie is simply Harrison Ford versus robots. These cybernetic beings look and act like…

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