SLIP/cuts: DVDs & BLURAYS – July

Let’s dive into this month’s home releases. July doesn’t have that many big name hits, so this list might come in handy to find something worth watching.

There are a couple of cult classic candidates, as well as a contender for best movie of the year.

If I missed one that’s worth watching make sure to let me know in the comments section.

The 5 slash SLIP/THROUGH rating system is based on colour. Red = one point. Pink = a half point. White = zero points. 

Movies I’m looking forward to watching, but haven’t seen yet follow after the rated selections.

* stay tuned for updates *



Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this zombie flick. His daughter (Abigail Breslin) is infected, slowly transforming into a flesh eating monster. This movie isn’t focused on zombie slayage. It aims its sights on character instead. And it’s actually a refreshing approach.



Kristen Stewart stars as a soldier at a Guantanamo Bay type facility tasked to watch “detainees.” While there she befriends one of the imprisoned Middle Eastern men. The movie follows their relationship as bonds form. The movie is never heavy-handed, and actually quite subtle. It isn’t before long that you realize both characters are imprisoned.

X-RAY is a beautifully directed character piece.



This surprisingly good horror flick has a bold and creative new concept for the genre. The stylish direction steals the show. Every frame of this movie looks great. This is an extremely effective horror film that doesn’t rely on gore or jump scares to keep you terrified.



The best movie of the year, thus far. This science-fiction concept rises above cliched genre tropes. Intellectually intriguing and beautifully photographed. The story follows Domnhall Gleeson’s character as he tests an artifical intelligence. The twist is, this AI looks incredibly human (the stellar Alicia Vikander). Furthermore, she acts human. An emotional relationship develops leading to a shocking finale.



Michael Fassbender stars in this Western, which combines dark comedy. Highly regarded by critics.


A true story about the effects of war. Starring up and coming lead actor Jack O’Connell from UNBROKEN.


Shakespeare goes modern with gangsters. Ethan Hawke stars in this contemporary adaption, which includes gunplay and the original poetic language.


Could this be a B-movie gone good? Let me know. It’s hard to find those hidden gems. Sometimes it hurts the brain. Stay tuned for updates in case I feel brave one night. Should I wait until Netflix for this one?


Russell Crowe directs this drama about family and the struggle to survive a drought. The trailer had some beautiful photography, but looked like it may verge into melodrama. Anyone seen this movie?


Supposedly, a good family film. I’m not really a fan of the animated CG genre. I skip over most of them. This seems like E.T. with a little girl befriending an alien who wants to phone HOME. While this may not be as awesome as INSIDE OUT, I’ve heard some good things. Are they right?


Al Pacino stars as an aging rock star who has finally decided to stop his partying ways after receiving a 40 year old letter from John Lennon. What in intriguing premise. This looks like an inspirational late coming of age story wrapped inside some laughter. This true story was written and directed by Dan Fogelman.


What do you think? 

Leave a comment below.

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14 thoughts on “SLIP/cuts: DVDs & BLURAYS – July

    1. I know, eh. Not only are Follows and Machina the best of their genres so far, but also 2 of the best movies this year.

      And I’ll let you tackle Alien Outpost. I hope you make it out alright 😉 Bmovies can be painful.

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