deconstructing trailers: SUICIDE SQUAD

“Justice has a bad side” and its name is SUICIDE SQUAD.

This new DC comic book movie follows “a taskforce of some of the most dangerous people on the planet, who we think can do some good.” Or so says Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, a special agent in charge of this lethal super-team.

The trailer begins with Waller trying to convince some higher-ups to approve her mission, “It’s taken some work, but I finally have him… the worst of the worst.” She’s hinting at the ultimate DC villain, Gotham’s own, He Who Laughs Last, THE JOKER. 

She’s asked where the Joker is. Waller replies, “I put him in a hole, and threw away the hole.” This line was a really great spin on that familiar saying (“…and throw away the key.”). It looks like Waller assembles the SQUAD to take out the Joker. The police chief(?) says what everyone else is thinking, “They’re bad guys.” Waller counters, if anything goes wrong they “have built in deniability”, and can blame it on the Squad.

Maybe there’s a twist, like Waller settling a personal vendetta? Did the Joker hurt someone she cares about? Or could she be working with the Joker? Imagine if she’s busting out this squad of Avengers to team-up with Joker?

After the Waller setup, the trailer really kicks into high gear. First, we get the stylish logo, tumbling like the dial of a safe. Then there are some brief glimpses of some high octane action sequences, like a POINT BREAK heist with masked baddies —a a giant panda, an Occult looking goat’s head, and a Batman mask looking like the classic animated series.

However, most of the footage introduces each member of the SQUAD. While we get to see Jared Leto’s Joker by the end, Margot Robbie’s HARLEY QUINN was the real highlight. 

Harley is introduced hanging like Cirque du Soleil in her SILENCE OF THE LAMBS prison-cell. It’s like a bird in a cage, a way better version of a MOCKINGJAY.

An angelic sounding choir sings over the images, with lyrics like “The joke was on me.” The slowed down haunting childish qualities reminded me on that Pinnochio song in the AGE OF ULTRON trailer.

At one point, Harley looks up at Waller, walking a high platform, and asks, “Are you the Devil?”

How crazy is Harley? There was a great moment where we heard her delirious giggle (also hinting at madness).

The Harley Quinn costume is stellar. She has high heel cut off boots, silknet stockings, and a ripped t-shirt reading “Daddy’s Little Monster”.  Her Rainbow Rocket hair colour (two pigtails, one pink, one blue) is totally rad.

Robbie’s Harley also has an emphasis on tattoos, like a small heart tattoo near eye like tear drop. Even the baseball bat, slung casually across her shoulders, has tattoos like, “Good Night.”

There are some great performance highlights from Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. One of the best bits was the make-up smeared, bruised eye, lip bleeding Harley chewing some bubblegum after a fight. She playfully blows a bubble, bursting it with an emphatic pop.

This is just a glimpse of her diabolical sense of playfulness the character is known and beloved for.

Another cheeky moment was when she full on Elizabeth Berkley SHOWGIRLS licked the prison cell bars.

Another highlight was during a car chase with Batman hanging on her car roof, when Harley bites at the air, and jokes, “I hope you got insurance.”

The trailer also gave us a brief look at other squad members like a Katana wielding masked assassin, Killer Croc in a Hannibal Lecter face restraint, Joel Kinnaman (ROBOCOP). and Jai Courtney (TERMINATOR: GENISYS) looking grizzled and worn.

Surprisingly, it looks like these characters will be multi-dimensional. We briefly see flashbacks of Kinnaman with his girlfriend and Will Smith with his family. So this killer movie might have some human emotion too.

There was also a great hero shot near the end, showing the entire ensemble in wide frame walking down the street like THE RIGHT STUFF gone bad. 

Aside from the Joker, another big name involved in SUICIDE SQUAD is WILL SMITH. He plays Deadshot a masked master sniper. It’s still mind-blowing that a star of this caliber is involved in an ensemble superhero movie. And a dark one at that. SUICIDE SQUAD doesn’t exactly sound family friendly.

We meet Smith as he boxes in his cell. Most of this footage he is out of full costume. With Will Smith cast, you don’t exactly want to hide his face. Smith is briefly shown in full Deadshot mode later, as he jumps over the ledge to scale a building.

Smith’s character is freed from maximum security superhero prison to catch the Joker alongside his Squad-mates. It doesn’t take long before he suspects the reason why. He tells the Squad, “We’re the patsies.”

There was also a great moment where he rallies the troops, “Let’s go save the world.” Nothing crazy dramatic, but it carries weight because of Smith’s persona.

So, is Deadshot the leader of the Suicide Squad? Or is there even a leader?


This awesome trailer ends with the first footage of Jared Leto’s the Joker. First, we see him walking, New Wave punk green hair slicked back, a long leather trench-coat, looking like he just stepped out of that old cyberpunk PC game from the 90s, SYNDICATE.

Next up, this smiling sadist, grinning large with a metal grill, reveals his chaotic personality. Armed with shock paddles he jests, “I’m not gonna kill ya… I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.”

Leto looks better here, than the earlier photos. The look is a little over-the-top, but then again so is this character. His voice was really menacing and playful, reminding me of a cross between Mark Hamill’s animated Joker and Jack Nicholson in THE SHINING (ironically, not BATMAN).  

As amazing as this early look at SUICIDE SQUAD was, and as excited as we all are, DC’s big bad film of baddies won’t hit until 2016. How can we possibly anticipate this comic book film any more than we already do? Not to stoke the MARVEL VS DC fires, but nobody does villains like DC. Movie nerds are in for a real treat here.

Pass this wicked trailer on to your friends and make them suffer alongside with you. Hahhahahaha. 

What do you think? 

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