deconstructing trailers: BATMAN V SUPERMAN – Comic Con Edition

DC released an awesome new trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN at San Diego Comic Con.

FIGHT! — Round One.

While I really liked the first trailer, this just upped it another notch. This sneak preview for DAWN OF JUSTICE set the stage and showcased several exciting action sequences.

Once again, the tone aims for realism. These DC films ask, what would a world with superheroes really be like?

Superman is treated as a dangerous alien that could destroy the Earth. Batman doesn’t fare much better, in his early days he was deemed a violent masked vigilante. That is, until he saved Gotham from THE JOKER.

The serious focus sees Superman surrender to authorities. Supes is blamed for all the damage caused by Zod in MAN OF STEEL. He willingly attends his trial. It was strange to see Superman in a court room setting. They are sure to argue about the dangers of allowing superheroes to live anonymously.

Effectively, this DC film will beat Marvel’s CIVIL WAR to get this story out first. Should heroes like Superman be placed under government control? Should they be illegal?

It will be interesting to see how long Superman will go along with any detainment or supervision.

One of the best moments in this trailer is when he visits his mom (Diane Lane) on the farm. She chillingly tells him, he doesn’t owe the world anything. He could disappear if he likes. He isn’t obliged to save the Earth. This moment is a good indication of how serious this film is taking itself.

Turns out, Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis on that day disaster struck. This trailer shows some intense new footage of BEN AFFLECK rushing in to save the day. He reluctantly runs into the 9/11 influenced blooming clouds of dust. It’s not because he wants to help these defenseless strangers, it’s because he’s the only one who can. 

I love how the trailer hints at Batman’s history. The Superman vs Zod fight effectively forces him out of retirement.

Imagery like the spray-painted Robin costume, suggest that Batman already took care of the worse villains out there, like The Joker. And it came at a cost: Robin’s death.

the alter-egos meet // Wonder Woman & Batman

I hope we just get these suggestions and there isn’t any flashbacks of Joker or Robin. I can understand seeing the memory of his parents murdered, since it fuels the entire Batman mythos.

However, there are already enough characters in here to keep the movie going, like WONDER WOMAN and Aquaman (rumoured to appear). I don’t need Joker or Robin here.

This stellar trailer gives us our first look at LEX LUTHOR (Jesse Eisenberg; SOCIAL NETWORK, ZOMBIELAND). He comes off as a whiny wimpy annoying type — as intended, I’m sure.

I get this mischievous CLOCKWORK ORANGE type vibe from this Alex. The creepiest highlight was when he playfully sang about “The Red Capes”.

We don’t get to see too much of Lex, although we know he must have learned about kryptonite by studying Zod’s corpse. It looks like he was successful in obtaining some, as we see him staring at a kryptonite meteor.

Thankfully, we have the bald head reveal saved for later. This flick doesn’t hit until 2016, so we still have lots of time.

This awesome trailer also revealed our first look at WONDER WOMAN. We mostly see her as her alter-ego, Diana Prince. Just like Superman, her real costume is dressing up as a meek and unassuming human.

Near the end of the sneak preview we see Wonder Woman in full costume and kicking some ass. She clashes her power bracelets together and unleashes a forceful explosion of energy.

The trailer’s lasting impression is Batman uncovering the Bat-Signal after years of collecting dust. He shines it bright, high into the sky, like ringing his dinner bell.

The Dark Knight stands there waiting. You want a fight? Come and get it!

Although, we’ve got quite a while to wait for BATMAN V SUPERMAN to hit the big screen, I’m really happy DC released this trailer. There are so many great movies aimed at us nerds. By hyping us so early, we build up an incredible anticipation.

For those who grew up reading this Frank Miller comic, waiting one more year is nothing. We’ve been waiting decades for comics to be taken seriously. Now, our childhood fantasies come to life on the silver screen.

These movies aren’t just aimed at children or today’s audience, they’re also aimed at readers from decades past.

 What do you think?

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