deconstructing trailers: ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

Sam Raimi’s cult classic horror series, EVIL DEAD, gets a TV show. And Bruce Campbell (a.k.a. The Man) is back as the chainsaw-for-a-hand hero, ASH.

This is amazing news for a nerd like me!

These horror flicks are some of the best of all time. In the previous films, Ash battled zombies known as Deadites in a Cabin in the Woods. The third film, ARMY OF DARKNESS, had Ash magically warp back into Medieval Times.

Ash is synonymous with Chainsaw… He even replaces his hand with one in EVIL DEAD 2! “Groooovy.”

These legendary horror movies are known for their amazing practical FX and hilarious sense of humour. Each sequel got more and more fun.

It looks like this new series on STARZ will keep the splat-stick comedy. This trailer alone had so many laugh out loud hilarious moments.

Since this new show is on Starz, it doesn’t have to tone down its gore for a PG audience. This trailer makes it clear: ASH VS EVIL DEAD is R-Rated goodness. The sneak preview was dripping in blood. Some of the funniest bits actually involved dispatching the undead.

It looks like there will be a gruesome variety of Deadites. We won’t get bored from the same looking zombies from the old movies. Oh, don’ worry the traditional ones are back, but the trailer also showed glimpses of a creepy doll springing to life and a monster looking like it stepped right out of SILENT HILL.

The movies always mixed in a variety of gooey kills. EVIL DEADS make you want to yell at the screen in excitement.

If you’ve never seen the original films, please seek them out. EVIL DEAD 2 is probably the best one for horror. It basically reboots the original in the opening sequence, then launches off into sequel territory.

This is one of the best made goriest films ever. Sam Raimi is a true visionary behind the lens. He employs the strangest camera angles, and infuses camera movement with tremendous energy.

This sequel also has some of the best THREE STOOGES moments — not in Black and White.

ARMY OF DARKNESS is the ultimate guy film. If you don’t care about continuity, hop right into the franchise with this entry. Ash delivers some of the best one-liners in cinematic history, ensuring this film is consistently fun.

Fans of effects work will really appreciate the stop motion techniques and several homages to the classic films of RAY HARRYHAUSEN. Movie nerds will also appreciate the crew behind the FX. Greg Nicotero continues to push the boundaries to this day, still doing make-up effects and even directing THE WALKING DEAD.

ASH VS EVIL DEAD has a devoted fanbase already. We’ve been waiting for a sequel for years. We finally have it. A 10 episode series on Starz. We have to be thankful for what we get. Too bad it’s only 30 minute episodes.

This highly anticipated show will likely get a whole new generation of fans when it debuts on Halloween. 

What do you think?

Oh yeah… And XENA’s in it too.

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I also take a trip down memory lane, when I saw ARMY OF DARKNESS in the theatre.

“Hail to the King, baby.”

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4 thoughts on “deconstructing trailers: ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

  1. I am very very excited about this. The trailer has the same sort of B-Movie Charm that the movies had and Im glad they are going with a more tongue in cheek approach rather then try to make it all serious and real. The again with a title called Ash Vs The Evil Dead why wouldnt it be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting, Vern. You’re right. I was worried the show might not have that same goofy charm. I can’t wait to see some more splatstick 3 Stooges fun… with zombies and a chainsaw 😉


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