TOMORROWLAND – Pop Goes the World


Transport yourself to another world with BRAD BIRD’s (IRON GIANT, INCREDIBLES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE) latest fantasy-filled adventure, TOMORROWLAND.

Return to the wonder of your childhood, or bring your own child to Imagination-Land. While the adventure may be familiar, it’s a lot of fun – filled with laughter and excitement.


The trailer for TOMORROWLAND definitely grabbed my attention. It was a simple special effect that did it. A teenage girl picks up a pin and the world around her instantly changes.

She lets go, and it disappears. Somehow, she can access another world. Or so it seems.

Well… I’m a sci-fi nerd, so sign me up.

This family adventure begins with a flashback – with an uneven narration (where jokes fall flat). We meet a young inventor who will grow up to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, GEORGE CLOONEY.

The boy brings his home-made jet-pack to a convention at Disneyland. Since it doesn’t work yet, he’s told to scram.

Before the prelude ends, Mini-Clooney will have quite the adventure. This sequence was a pure delight. Flying through Tomorrowland was simply Fun (you see that capital, right).

The best thing this film does is make you feel like a kid.

TOMORROWLAND brings back a sense of wonder sadly missing from today’s summer blockbusters.

While the overall story may be weak, the adventure is enjoyable and the visuals are astounding. The overall look is amazing, with visual designs by legendary futurist / concept artist SYD MEAD.

Fast-forward a few decades and we meet our hero, BRITT ROBERTSON – a.k.a. she who finds the pin. Well, it turns out the pin found her. Don’t worry, I’m staying spoiler free here.

The optimistic teenager shares a sense of wonder with her former astronaut father. She actually believes we can make the world better. The brief glimpse she got of Tomorrowland / Utopia fuels her imagination. She must travel to that Magical Kingdom in the distance.

Robertson… in a publicity photo

Robertson has appeared in smaller roles so far, like a role on TV’s UNDER THE DOME. So she’s a relative unknown for me, at least. I thought Robertson commanded the screen though. Not only was she charismatic, but she also handled the action and adventure well.

Robertson also cracked a lot of jokes along the way, like any good action hero. She isn’t the helpless Princess who needs saving. Robertson is the Hero who saves the day. I look forward to her next role.

When Robertson finally arrives in Tomorrowland it’s quite the spectacle. There is so much creativity on display. There is so much imagination in this make-believe world.

A real highlight was the diving sequence through multiple hovering pools. It’s a real sight to behold. These moments are really wonderful, in the awe-inspiring true meaning of the word. 

RAFFEY CASSIDY – a true revelation

Conflict arises as others want that magical pin. Robertson soon meets a scene-stealing sidekick, a young girl (RAFFEY CASSIDY – a revelation) from Tomorrowland. It seems like she actually recruited Robertson… for a very special reason.

When the baddies arrive we find out that this little girl kicks ass like Hit Girl. Cassidy’s performance was one of the better parts of the movie. To reveal more would ruin some of the exciting twists.

The adventure really kicks off once our heroes seek Clooney out. His booby-trapped house is full of cool inventions and gadgets.

These Do-It-Yourself creations provide a charming aesthetic, as well as (I’m sure) inspiring mischief in young viewers.

The story falls apart during the third act by following cliche. We’ve seen this sort of conclusion before.

Granted it is a family movie so the story should be simple, right.

The tone is pretty light, so as Robertson adventures on there are quite a few laughs.

TOMORROWLAND is a lot fun, filled with jokes and action sequences throughout. There’s also a compelling mystery driving the first act.

While the message to save our own world is a little heavy-handed, it didn’t deter from my enjoyment.

I feel that an important message like this needs to be driven home for it to click with the intended audience. Young children might not clue in right away. But I hope they do by the dramatic conclusion.

TOMORROWLAND could inspire more than wonder in its audience. It might inspire hope. It might inspire new dreams to come true.

Brad Bird’s adventure is worth watching for the entire family. There are a lot of fun moments of laughter and excitement. The grand spectacle also makes it worth seeing on the big screen.


What do you think?

Do you think Britt Robertson made a good action hero?

Robertson in THE LONGEST RIDE, from earlier this year

Will we see more of her in upcoming features?

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