SLIPview – DAREDEVIL: Episode 8

Yo! MTV CRIBS! I present to you a day in the life of a Kingpin.

Step 1: Awake to a nightmare. Step 2: Get haunted by your bloodied former self. Step 3: Realize you’re alone, staring at that White painting. Step 4: Make some eggs, while planning your revenge on a corrupt city. Repeat.

This episode of DAREDEVIL focused primarily on the backstory of Kingpin. We get to see what nurtured such evil.

Turns out his old man was a bastard who made him stare at a blank white wall while he beat his mom.

Mr. Fisk also taught his young son to confront his bully and get revenge, and make it bloody. He yells at his young son over and over, “Keep kicking! Keep kicking!” 

The series continues its strong use of parallels as our hero awakes alone in bed, haunted by the memory of his former self. A real highlight was when Murdock looks to the bracelet from his former Master (Stick).

Once he gets to work, Karen and Foggy let him in on the mystery they’re uncovering with Benny. Turns out one of those dirty cops is still alive, injured in a hospital.

Kingpin is always one move ahead… He sends out someone to silence the injured cop. Turns out he sends the man’s partner. This goes to show how much power Fisk has. This henchman is willing to do anything for him – out of fear.

So the henchman execute Kingpin’s plan, and Daredevil shows up a second too late. He restrains the baddie and interrogates the dirty cop while he still can. Our hero gets the name he wants: Fisk.

Our paths are headed towards a glorious collision. 

The masked avenger meets with Benny in some full-on FRANK MILLER-style pouring rain. Murdock convinces Benny that Fisk is the Kingpin – the master-criminal running Hell’s Kitchen.

The best line of dialogue from the episode comes from Benny. He asks how certain Daredevil is. The Mask replies, “I bet my life on it.” Benny foreshadows, “You’re betting mine too.”

Dun dunnnn duuuuunnnnn. Like Han Solo used to say, “I got a bad feeling about this.”

By the end of the episode, we have a conclusion to Fisk’s backstory. His father tells him to stare at the white wall. His father beats his mother. Fisk won’t allow it. He grabs a weapon. It’s Hammer Time. Fisk beats his father to death, defending his mother, and emotionally yelling, “Keep kicking him. Keep kicking him!”

Once again, we have strong parallels. This phrase is repeated within a much different context.

The end of the episode was great. Benny types out his article, set to blow the Kingpin’s cover and reveal the corruption behind Union Allied Construction.

But the big bad bald one is always one move ahead.

Fisk reveals his identity with a televised press conference detailing his plan to save the city. Kingpin is a master of propaganda.

How long before Daredevil is forced to confront Fisk and prove he is the city’s true protector?

What do you think?

Benny & Karen – How will they continue to pursue their story on corruption after Kingpin’s press conference?

Leave a comment below.

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