Last time on GAME OF THRONES, Arya desperately wanted to become nobody, seeking out the mysterious shape-shifting assassin, Jaqen. 

This episode, Arya tries to earn her spot in the Valar Morghulis temple. Joining this sorority won’t be easy work. Arya goes about sweeping the temple like she’s CINDERELLA awaiting the big ball.

Actually, the impressive set design showcases several statues devoted to Gods. My favourite one was heart shaped and lit from within.

Arya observes a worshiper consuming a ceremonial drink. Tell me this isn’t one of those spike-the-Kool-Aid cults. However, if that is this temple’s function, it is quite compelling. I wonder if they think suicide refuses entrance to the After Paradise?

Later on in the episode, Arya is ordered to get rid of her possessions to join the temple and begin training. She must truly become no-one. She tosses all of her belongings into the ocean.

Except for Needle. She hides her blade within a rocky structure. She wants to keep a piece of Winterfell and her family with her, but I think she may also want it in case of danger. Maybe she doesn’t fully trust these secret spies yet?

* this review is intended for a MATURE audience *


Meanwhile, the actual Game of Thrones is underfoot. Margaery Tyrell makes her move, seducing the new Lannister King.

After a roll in the sheets, the young man says, “This is all I want to do all day, every day, for the rest of my life.” Me too, buddy, me too. You know what I mean, and on top of that (or on the bottom, if you prefer) it’s Natalie Dormer.

Margaery is also aware of the power behind beauty. She’s moving a piece on the metaphorical Game-board, manipulating the King (her new husband) for power, snatching it away from his mother, Cersei.

Later on, Margaery (with new found confidence) passive-aggressively insults the Queen Mother. She asks Cersei if she’d like to join the girls, asking if she’d like “some wine, it’s little early for us.”

Cersei one-ups the play for power, she doesn’t snap like Margaery wants her to, instead she politely curtsies, “If there’s anything you need.”

This unexpected kindness hides the wounds caused by insult & the shift in power over the young King.

GAME OF THRONES is known for being savage and brutal. This episode did not break that tradition. Here we had the horrifying image of a flayed woman. REEK passes by. This horror is another reminder of what his new master, RAMSEY BOLTON, is capable of. This episode reveals the plan to marry Ramses to SANSA. What?! Noooo.

This guy is absolutely bonkers. The lengths he went to torture Reek in earlier episodes actually scared me. And I’m used to horror and gore, being raised on 80s slasher flicks and such. Ramsey is extremely depraved, sadistic, and psychotic. I really do fear for Sansa.

Lord Baelish a.k.a. Littlefinger set this whole scheme up. His plan is to marry Sansa to Roose Bolton’s son and somehow control Winterfell himself through coercion. ‘Finger is another slimy little fellow, he should hang out with Ramsey.

Although, I hope ‘Finger’s chat with Sansa gave her some ideas of her own.

Maybe she’s beginning to realize she can manipulate everyone like Littlefinger does – including conning him too. I’d love to see Sansa win back Winterfall for her family’s name.

A highlight from their talk was when Lord Baelish advises Sansa to “stop being a bystander. Stop running… You love your family. Avenge them.”

Sounds like a plan. Sansa for President. #WINTERISCOMING

Meanwhile… Brienne relents and accepts the presence of her servant, Podrick Payne. After learning more about him she agrees to train him to be a Knight.

She opens up and talks of her past in a tender moment. We learn of how she was teased growing up. How the boys would joke and call her “Brienne, the Beauty…(she pauses, stung by pain from the past) Some joke.

#WETHENORTH… Stannis Baratheon marches for Winterfell, he tries to convince Jon Snow to join him. Snow says his place is the Watch.

Later on, he’ll make his first decision as Lord Commander of the Watch. He orders an execution, and like his father Ned, he performs the deed himself. I like how the Stark family code of honour is passed on to the bastard named Snow.

Last episode, we saw how different ruler’s can be as Daenerys ordered another to perform an execution.

Cersei continues her quest for power. She visits the poor slums seeking the High Sparrow, a Septon (sept, 7 en francaise) to the Seven Gods.

It also seems like the wine bearer she ordered to poison her husband in season one has turned into some sort of religious vigilante Hell-bent on removing Sin from the city. They bust up one of Littlefinger’s brothels, no doubt under the influence of Cersei.

Eventually, the Queen Mother brings a letter for ‘Finger. She gives it to some sort of Doctor Frankenstein experimenting on reanimating a corpse. That might come in handy later. Dun dun dunnnnn.

On a serious note, it’s interesting to see what our characters know. Cersei sends the letter to the Eyrie. So she doesn’t really know ‘Finger’s whereabouts.

Jorah returns

The cliffhanger ending begins with a CosPlay Daenerys in a brothel. I bet Jorah’s thinking of spending a minute or two with her.

The former warrior and guard of the Khaleesi just happens to spot Tyrion. Now, Jorah’s thinkin’ all CASABLANCA – Of all the brothels, in all the Seven Kingdoms, he walks into mine.

Now Jorah has a means to make amends with the Queen Mother… of Dragons.

When the Imp goes to meet a man about a horse, Daenerys’ former guard kidnaps Tyrion.

Wow. So now that we have a lot of our plots set-up, they’re really starting to build. I can’t wait to see how this unravels.

Will Sansa meet Jon Snow in Winterfell? Will Stannis and Melisandre burn it to the ground? Is Sansa in danger? And who will gain control of the new Lannister King – Margaery or Cersei? AND – How will Tyrion escape this one?

Stay tuned for the review of next episode… Coming soon.

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