It’s CINDERELLA time… Kimmy gets a fairy-tale makeover to impress her crush. Meanwhile, she helps her employer (JANE KRAKOWSKI) set-up a ruse to catch her suspected cheating husband.

TITUS… from an earlier episode

Side A kicks off with another ruse… A restaraunt con job lead by Kimmy and Titus. I loved the cardboard fake computer, the banana iPhone, and the pretend crazy stuff. The best line was when a waitress brought water.

KIMMY SCHMIDT… adorable, gullible, lovable… masterfully portrayed by ELLIE KEMPER

Since it’s Kimmy, and her pop culture is lacking, she thanks the waitress in a French accent, “Beyoncé” – instead of “Merci”. Hilarious. The scene sits on the punchline until the end – it turns out this con was to steal fancy expensive bathroom soap.

The B Side… Kimmy’s employer often talks of her husband, constantly overseas on business. But this episode he’s returning home. Krakowski tells Kimmy her husband had to leave China. Kimmy innocently replies, “What happened in China? Was everything upside down there?” A great joke that plays on Kimmy’s adorable naivety.

Turns out Krakowski has a plan to catch her husband cheating. His fellow co-worker will join them at the dinner party. She concocts an alternatively ingenious and ridiculous plan involving baby powder and a game of Footsie.

Of course, the plan to catch the husband cheating doesn’t quite work as planned. I won’t ruin the outcome here.

Another great joke during The B Side storyline was a dream sequence where Kimmy looks like Little Orphan ANNIE, from the large curly red afro to the gigantic buck teeth. The comedy has so much variety each episode.

A lot of sitcoms telegraph their jokes so much you can guess the punchline. You can almost hear the drums with a rim-shot punctuating each laugh.

Whereas, with UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT you never know what they’ll do next. I mean, who would have predicted an ANNIE dream sequence?

that’s right… a Chinese robot makes a special guest star appearance this episode

The last thing I’ll comment on was Kimmy’s CINDERELLA make-over Side A storyline. I love it when she meets the guy and excuses herself from the table. She says, “I need to use the filth bucket— powder room.” So funny! Kimmy’s still adjusting to normal everyday life outside of the Y2K Bunker.

The next episode of UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT was one of the funniest so far, with a few great pop culture send-ups.

Stay tuned for the review of next episode, coming soon…

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now, THIS would make a great spin-off… Kimmy as The Doctor’s companion

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