SLIPview – new FANTASTIC FOUR trailer

“Reed Richards knows answers to questions we don’t even know how to ask”…

MILES TELLER, hot off the acclaim from WHIPLASH, portrays REED RICHARDS in the epic sci-fi adventure FANTASTIC 4

Doctor Storm’s enticing words set up this impressive new trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR. We finally get to see these super-powers in action and we get our first glimpse at DR. DOOM.

JOSH TRANK (CHRONICLE) directs this new take on the disappointing FANTASIC 4 franchise. Already, this new film looks leaps and bounds better than the earlier two movies. This might have something to do with his more serious approach and more brooding atmosphere, but it also has a lot to do with the screenwriter.

SIMON KINBERG recently wrote one of the best summer films of last year: X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. He’s also done excellent work as show-runner for the new STAR WARS REBELS.

With this astonishing talent behind the scenes, us comic book nerds are in for a real treat with the new re-imagining of THE FANTASTIC FOUR.

This trailer also showed the lighter side, represented by the in-front-of-the-scenes talent. MILES TELLER and MICHAEL B JORDAN recently shared the screen and made us laugh with THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, and they share another with a fist-bump gone wrong.

Another laugh that suggests the first act will be light and fun is when Jordan adjusts his chair lower. It hiccups during its descent, bobbing Jordan up and down – a surprisingly funny physical gag.

Aside from the laughter, we also get to see these two use their powers with a few amazing glimpses.

We also get to see INVISIBLE WOMAN (KATE MARA from HOUSE OF CARDS) unleash her powers with a glorious force blast. This is great, as she won’t reduced to simply being, you know, see-thru.

It was great to see THE THING (JAIME BELL) in full-effect. First, we see him birth with an eruption from a pile of rubble. The next best thing was when he dropped from an airplane like an atomic bomb.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the F4 equivalent to THE AVENGERS’ HULK. Thankfully, they avoided using the “It’s Clobberin’ Time” catch-phrase.

Finally, we got to see TOBY KEBBELL. He was recently performance captured as the villainous ape, Koba, in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. It was nice to see his face here – but it wasn’t for long…

…as the trailer reveals the mask of DR. DOOM. Our other Doctor, Storm, mentioned that only four survived the experiment. So where did Kebbell disappear to after the Negative Zone experiment?

It’s also interesting to see this version of the origin story, where rather than fly into space, these four travel between space.

It seems like our fearless heroes experiment to learn more about the beginnings of our galaxy and further yet, our universe.

The first teaser was more mysterious, leaving a lot more to reveal in this brand new trailer. And it looks to be a serious reboot. Thankfully, as we saw, this darker approach won’t be void of charm or laughter.

FANTASTIC FOUR is a highly anticipated film hitting the silver screen this summer.

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