SLIPview: DAREDEVIL – Episode 6

Last episode ended in a cliffhanger, with the police about to arrest DAREDEVIL. This episode begins like a whole second later – the moment extended in time. The cops are in slo-mo, yelling “Don’t Move,” as we (alongside our costumed hero) adjust to our surroundings.

Once the Man Without Fear is handcuffed one of the policemen says something about the bounty out on his head. Now Murdock knows these cops are dirty too. He jaw-drops one of them. Daredevil just latches onto the guy’s jaw and drives him hard to the ground. Next thing you know, he’s flipped through the cuffs – his hands still bound but now in front and ready to strike. Wow, then Murdock PÉLÉs a cop with a flip / somersault kick.

This series promises great martial arts choreography each and every fight. Nothing is haphazard.

Meanwhile, BENNY continues to research his story about Union Allied Construction and its connection to the criminal enterprise in control of Hell’s Kitchen.

Benny is a journalist obsessed with exposing the truth, no matter the cost. He’s like WILL McAVOY (JEFF DANIELS) from HBO’s NEWSROOM in that regard. We get a glimpse at the level of research Benny conducts with the clichéd mystery board full of tacked up photos and connecting strings. It’s the familiar genre stuff of thrillers like SEVEN and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. It’s a cliché I enjoy. I like how in DAREDEVIL these connections are represented with playing cards.

This episode is focused on Daredevil’s interrogation of Russian gangster, Vladimir. Kingpin has pitted crime families against themselves. The big bad baddie is manipulating the entire city to see his goals achieved and profit off the rewards. All Murdock wants is a name. He simply wants to find Kingpin and stop him.

Kingpin wants to create a scene for the media. What initially began as a cover-up turns into a grand spectacle orchestrated by Fisk. He’s actually happy Benny is on the scene of the crime. That means he has an audience and their undivided attention. Kingpin proceeds to blow up a portion of Hell’s Kitchen and blame it all on the masked vigilante.

During Daredevil’s interrogation he quips a nice joke, “I don’t speak asshole.” With the cops on their tail, Murdock must protect his witness to prepare his case against Fisk. He warns Vladimir of the manipulation, but the gangster is reluctant to listen. Daredevil cautions him to “choose a side.” I’m thinking – above ground or below. Murdock isn’t afraid to torture if it leads to answers.

DAREDEVIL is a suprisingly R-Rated MARVEL property similar to BLADE and THE PUNISHER. I hope the upcoming Marvel NETFLIX shows are also aimed at an adult audience.

There was a great scene where Murdock had to give first aid to Vladimir. He needs him to live long enough to provide answers. He calls up Claire. And we get confirmation that she is indeed a doctor / nurse. She’s not just naturally talented at patching up strange masked avengers.

Claire is in the middle of helping out with the rush of hospital patients after the city exploded with fire. It was great to see Daredevil use his super-senses to list off all the available items scattered about the abandoned house. I also liked the irony as Claire helps the gangster who kidnapped her and roughed her up.

It gets even more intense as Murdock has to patch him up as new cops arrive on his location. He must dispatch them, decide if their dirty, and act appropriately. Talk about high stakes. This episode was so exciting, in a nerve-racking sort of way.

I like how Kingpin threatens Daredevil over a police radio. Murdock badass replies, “It will take more than a voice on the radio to stop me.” In other words, “I’m coming for you.”

Fisk warns him that it’s too late, he leaked security footage of the earlier arrest. He’ll give it to the media, spinning the story that Daredevil is the one responsible for the explosions. What a dick move.

Eventually, Vladimir decides to help Daredevil escape into the sewers, saying “I told you. This is not how I die.” I love how it was a challenge to earn the gangster’s trust. It wasn’t a simple threat turned information like a lot of crime procedurals. It took the whole episode and the clearing of numerous obstacles to EARN Vladimir’s cooperation.

Murdock is closer and closer to confronting Kingpin. Benny is getting closer with his research, aided by Karen Page. These paths are set for collision.

As the episode said, “Put two animals in a cage until one survives.” Well… Hell’s Kitchen is the cage. And I can’t wait to see these two battle it out, ’til one survives.

Stay tuned for the next review, coming soon…

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