deconstructing trailers: BATMAN v SUPERMAN – False Gods Will Bleed

“Can you bleed? (pause) You will”…

DC just released the full trailer for BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. We had a brief teaser earlier, for Monday’s big IMAX reveal. A bootleg version leaked forcing DC’s hand. They didn’t want an inferior version out there so they just released the HD version online.

The set-up involves numerous voice-overs and city landscape footage. The dialogue is captured from several news and media broadcasts vilifying THE MAN OF STEEL. Geeze, they’re almost as harsh as anonymous Internet commenters. One voice I noticed was scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (host of the recent COSMOS), automatically earning this trailer the nerd stamp of approval.

The best image from this sequence was the slow reveal of a statue hidden in the shadows. It has since toppled to the ground in an act of protest(?) The light clicks on and we see it’s a statue of SUPERMAN – with an ominous spray-painted message in dripping red: “False God.” Wow. This image really helps set the tone and establishes the new world. A world post-war – the war between Zod & Kal’el.

In between this world building stuff we get inundated with LOGO PORN. We get a series of shots, close-up, hovering over the Superman crest, and the Bat insignia. These moments used to work on me. I get the appeal. It’s all a tease. Anticipation. I actually used to get great joy from simply looking at a movie’s font, logo, or poster. Now I get more excited about event staging and atmosphere.

This trailer focuses on the aftermath of tragedy. The few shots we get of Supes are brief but menacing. The low angle shot with rear lighting really sold the fear of the civilian. We also saw Superman amongst a Day of the Dead Celebration (?). The crowd wear masks with the face of death to scare away evil spirits – kind of like BATMAN.

And the DARK KNIGHT is massive in DAWN OF JUSTICE, like he is totally ripped and muscle-bound. I love the new suit. I love the old school grey and the snub ears. I love the layered and scratched look of the actual suit fibers. The grey Batman costume has always been my favourite. I know I’ll never see the grey with blue, so this is the next best thing.

These designs and the hinted at storyline really remind me of FRANK MILLER’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. But I might have that confused. In this comic, ROBIN was a punked out teenage girl with square glasses. Anyone know what I mean?

The next glimpse we get at the Batman is when he dons the powered up mech suit to duke it out with Superman. I wonder how they’ll avoid the Kryptonite stuff in the sequel. Or will Superman’s weakness get introduced in BATMAN v SUPERMAN? I like how we don’t get to hear BEN AFFLECK’s Batman voice just yet. Instead, we get the digitized alteration the mechanized armour provides: “Can you bleed? (beat) You will.”

Thankfully, this trailer doesn’t tease any of the JUSTICE LEAGUE just yet. I’m expecting the movie will just show us glimpses of new characters, like WONDER WOMAN. So, they won’t reveal any footage of them yet. First things first, right. We have the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, then DAWN.

I’m glad we didn’t get to see too much action yet. There was an over-the-top moment there with flying jets or something. I hope the movie doesn’t lose itself with TERMINATOR sequences like this. Then again, I’m glad we didn’t get to see Batman or Superman fight yet. This movie doesn’t come out until 2016, so I’m kind of surprised we saw this much.

I haven’t read any reviews yet, or watched any YouTube reactions, but I’m sure the Internet will nitpick this a bit more harshly than my analysis. I try not to focus on negativity – should it arise – but for now I didn’t see anything that made me worry.

I’m looking forward to BATMAN v SUPERMAN, but I’m trying to calm my excitement down until the release approaches.

It’s hard enough to contain all the STAR WARS excitement from yesterday. At least, EPISODE VII hits the silver screen this Christmas.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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