new trailer STAR WARS EPISODE 7: nerd review

“We’re home”….

That’s how I felt too, watching the brand spankin’ new trailer for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Some familiar dialogue, familiar characters, familiar space ships, and familiar magic beckons me with a loud call to nostalgia. Kids, parents, grandparents will have a great Christmas gif this year – a super ginormous blockbuster everyone can enjoy together.

The new trailer begins with a narration from a young LUKE SKYWALKER. His dialogue from RETURN OF THE JEDI plays over the alarming new footage. Refresher: this quote comes from when Luke tries to tell LEIA he has a sister and she has the Force – and she is his sister.

I’m thinking this could be a ruse from J.J. ABRAM. Which is nothing new for him. I initially thought it was DOMNHALL GLEESON with the voice-over. And I think that could still be the case. Gleeson is Luke’s son, DAISY RIDLEY is his sister. This dialogue echoes the original trilogy as Gleeson tells JOHN BOYEGA about the Force – because JB is a new Jedi who has just Awoken.

The first images we see is the familiar dessert. I expected Boyega to pop up again, like the earlier teaser. But no way… this is even better. A small speeder plumes dust in its wake on the distant horizon. It races towards a crashed Star Destroyer from decades ago.

The sense of scale is amazing. The speeder was a small speck, while the Destroyer nearly fills the entire frame.

It puts the grand scale of RIDLEY SCOTT’s EXODUS to shame. Remember how small that white horse was against that massive tsunami wave? I’d say this STAR WARS shot is even better, but that could be due to the influence of JOHN WILLIAM’s epic score.

We get a fury of nerd arousing images… like the damaged & aged helmet of DARTH VADER, a new Dark Jedi using The Force & his HIGHLANDER Claymore lightsaber, new Storm Troopers, that new Beach Ball Droid peeking around a corner, and the MILLENIUM FALCON swooping through crashed debris during a chase sequence.

The Falcon lands… And out steps HAN SOLO with his silent hetero life-mate CHEWBACCA. “We’re home.” Now my goosebumps just got goosebumps.

The FORCE AWAKENS trailers wisely don’t give away too much at all. We still don’t know the story or the characters. And I love that. There’s also no dialogue from the new characters. The mystery is still in tact. YES!

We can only try and use our SHERLOCK HOLMES powers of deduction.

For now, I’m still recupurating. I wrote this right after I watched it. Wow.

This Christmas, movie nerds are getting one heckuva gift.

I cannot wait.

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