deconstructing trailers: ANT-MAN

“Imagine a soldier the size of an insect”…

The first full ANT-MAN trailer just hit the Interwebs. That quote comes from a military contractor / scientist / business man (?) who serves as the film’s villain: YELLOW JACKET. This new MARVEL superhero film stars PAUL RUDD as the titular hero, a former thief just released from prison. 

There were some great superpower moments throughout – and some true spectacle. I really enjoyed the almost microscopic Ant-man leaping onto a gun about fire. He dodges a (gigantic) bullet, and runs along the barrel of the pistol to attack the shooter. This was so inventive.

There seems to be a variety of usages for his powers. What sounds kind of hokey could actually be really creative and enjoyable. We’ve also seen stuff like the bathroom transition into tiny land and Ant-man in the harness of a flying ant.  This new trailer also showed our hero leading a stamped of soldier ants.

ANT-MAN looks to use its concept and unique super-powers to full effect. 

Oh… and I also loved how all those little ants crawling over the Marvel Logo at the beginning. 

This trailer delivers a better sense of the film’s tone than the earlier teaser. It looks like ANT-MAN’s sense of humour is rather dry and sarcastic, while balancing goofier elements and physical comedy.

For example, the scene where Hank Pym (MICHAEL DOUGLAS) recruits Scott Lang (RUDD) for an important mission. Pym is the inventor of the Ant-Man technology, he’s donned the suit in the past (re: comics), but that was long ago. He seeks an apprentice to keep his gear out of the big bad baddie’s hands.

Unfortunately, Lang isn’t so enthused, he’s trying to turn his life around for his daughter. He says, “I’m done stealing stuff.” Pym continues his pitch. Finally, Lang is curious enough to ask what the mission is. Pym dryly replies, “Break in and steal some stuff.”

EVANGELINE LILY shows up to teach Lang how to correctly throw a punch. So is Lily like MR. MIYAGI? We don’t get much more details revealed about her character, but at least we see a little more out of her in this new trailer. I’m hoping she has her own mission to accomplish in the movie. I wonder how she connects to Hank Pym? Was he training her to use the same shrinking technology? Is she THE WASP – destined to join the AVENGERS 3?

My favourite sequence was the train action set-piece – in miniature. I love how it’s THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE. Imagine being a kid and playing with your own full-scale Ant-Man toy? You can recreate your favourite scenes from the movie – on the same scale. It’s not like HE-MAN is really 6 inches tall in his fictional realm, right.

YELLOW JACKET makes his imposing debut in this trailer. This is the first footage I’ve seen of this villain. The character design work is even more impressive than our hero’s. I can’t wait to see these two duke it out.

I wonder if Ant-Man’s powers to grow will come into play with this movie. I remember he can both shrink to microscopic size, but also grow big enough he dwarves buildings. Is Lang’s suit different than Yellow Jacket’s? Or will he discover this new power in a future story?

The new trailer for ANT-MAN inspired a bit more confidence in me. The teaser lacked the full oomph to get me super-excited.

By seeing a bit more of the small scale fight sequences, and giving a better idea of the comedy, this trailer ramps up my anticipation. It won’t be long before we get to see the reel deal on the silver screen this summer.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Check out my earlier review of the ANT-MAN TEASER here.

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